2016 IACA Award Winners

Congratulations to all the award winners at the 2016 IACA conference in Louisville, Kentucky!

2016 Membership Award

Patricio Tudela
Fundación Paz Ciudadana
Santiago, Chile
2016 Membership Award

2016 IACA Executive Board Award

Chris Delaney (not pictured) & John Beck
2016 Board Award

2016 Ambassador Award

Kyle Stoker
Raytown (MO) Police Department
2016 Ambassador Award

2016 President's Award

Mary Bertuccelli
Scottsdale (AZ) Police Department
2016 President's Award

2016 Lifetime Achievement Award

Tom Casady
City of Lincoln (NE) Public Safety


Analytical Products Winners

Tactical Crime Bulletin

1 - Chris Jaeger - Eau Claire (WI) Police Department  
2 - Chanele Haynes - Albany (NY) Crime Analysis Center  
3 - Jessica Mulholland - Monroe (NY) Crime Analysis Center  

Crime/Intelligence Charting

1 - Steve French - Devon and Cornwall (UK)Police  
2 - Vanessa Brewer - Everett (WA) Police Department  

3 - Angela Backer-Hines - Eagan (MN) Police Department

Charting 3rd Place

Crime Map


1 - Gerardo Mares - Milwaukee (WI) Police Department

Mapping 1st Place
2 - Jaree Petranech - Milwaukee (WI) Police Department Mapping 2nd Place
3 - Christian Peterson - Portland (OR) Police Bureau  

Statistical Report


1 - Nadja Fuentes - Albany (NY) Crime Analysis Center

2 - Jessica Castro - Sacramento (CA) Police Department  
3 - Richard Sevieri - Cambridge (MA) Police Department Stats 3rd Place

Intelligence Product

1 - Washington Regional Threat Analysis Center - Submitted by Jennifer Gardener  
2 - Milwaukee (WI) Police Department Intelligence Fusion Center - Submitted by Kyle McFatridge & Garrett Knuth  
3 - Matthew Woodward - Tulane University (LA) Police Department  


Awards & Recognition Committee

Danelle DiGiosio – Chair, Arapahoe County (CO) Sheriff’s Office

Bryana McGrail, Johnson County (KS) Sheriff’s Office

Jill Myers, Grand Prairie (TX) Police Department

Brandi Christon – IACA Board Liaison, Fort Collins (CO) Police Service

Judges for the 2016 Analytical Products Contest

Rhea-Lyn Gerstenkorn, Delray Beach (FL) Police Department

Tammy Michelson, Los Angeles County (CA) Sheriff’s Department

Adrienne Tovbin, Metro Transit Authority (NY)

Tamika Prince, Houston (TX) Police Department

Sabrina Potts, Olathe (KS) Police Department

Josie Villa, Shawnee (KS) Police Department

Karis Anderson, London Police Service (Canada)

Jennifer LaMoure, Ventura (CA) Police Department