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CRIMESolv Crime Analysis GIS Software (Software)

Vendor: ARCBridge Consulting & Training, Inc. Telephone: 1-877-320-ACTI Description: CRIMESolv GIS-based Crime Analysis toolset offers a solution for every budget. CRIMESolv is available on all ESRI platforms including ArcGIS and ArcIMS. The analysis tools are user friendly, powerful & provide reports at the click of a button.

Crimepoint (Software)

Vendor: Forensic Logic, Inc. Telephone: 1-888-653-2725 Description: Forensic Logic develops and markets Crimepoint, the only crime analysis software product incorporating integrated database, mapping and criminal behavior rules related to specific crime types for use by local, state and federal law enforcement agencies

VISIquery (Software)

Vendor: Paisley Systems Telephone: 905-849-6744 Description: Map and Search multiple data sources. VISIquery will quickly interface with new and existing data sources without complex programming. It will find exactly what you are searching for, regardless of data source. Results can be charted with VISIlink.

VISIcais (Software)

Vendor: Paisley Systems Telephone: 905-849-6744 Description: A robust and scalable Case Analysis and Intelligence System designed to capture and manage the large volumes of records, notes, documents, reports, graphics, spreadsheets, email, voice and video information gathered in today's investigations.

VISIlink (Software)

Vendor: Paisley Systems Inc Telephone: 905-849-6744 Description: VISIlink link and timeline analysis. Automatically visually identify links, associations, networks and timelines from - enterprise repositories, multiple databases, mountains of text, database tables, spreadsheets and VISIcais. Gain a clear picture!

Telephone Company Subpoena Generator (TCSG) (Software)

Vendor: TelcoSolutions, Inc. Telephone: 407-643-8903 Description: TCSG enables a user to look up telephone company subpoena compliance offices and create riders or subpoenas, ready for signature, for one telephone number or a file containing hundreds of telephone numbers in less than one minute.

CrimeView, CrimeView WEB, CrimeView Community (Software)

Vendor: The Omega Group, Inc. Telephone: 800-228-1059 Description: Our CrimeView suite of desktop and Web based applications enable law enforcement personnel to better examine, target, and reduce crime. All of these solutions can assist with the CompStat process as well as help provide a common operating picture. Each solution utilizes ESRI technology which enables public agencies to share data layers easily.

Digital Information Gateway (DIG) (Software)

Vendor: Visual Analytics Inc. Telephone: 1-877-407-4VAI (4824) Description: Digital Information Gateway (DIG) is a suite of products designed to provide a single solution to data management, information sharing, and search and retrieval needs. The DIG Virtual Data Warehouse creates a single point of access to all of your information resources – databases, e-mail archives, web sites, office documents and virtually any other type of electronic file while providing integrated security controls to limit access to sensitive data. DIG Symphony manages key data processing operations providing integrated data quality, standardization, integration, parsing, enhancing, correcting, merging, matching, purging, and general cleansing functionality increasing the usability and value of your data.

VisuaLinks® (Software)

Vendor: Visual Analytics Inc. Telephone: 1-877-407-4VAI (4824) Description: VisuaLinks is an advanced analytical toolkit for pattern discovery, link analysis, data visualization and network-centric analysis in a wide variety of data sources. VisuaLinks couples directly to your database systems integrating multiple, disparate sources of data to create a single, comprehensive view of your data. VisuaLinks presents your data graphically to show underlying relationships and patterns. VisuaLinks provides powerful analytical tools to visually drill down on data details, connections and relationships. VisuaLinks addresses the entire analytical process from data access and integration to presentation and reporting – providing a single and complete solution to a broad range of analytical needs.

RIGEL Analyst - Geographic Profiling Software (Software)

Vendor: ECRI - Environmental Criminology Research Inc. Telephone: 604-718-2065 Description: Geographic profiling is an investigative methodology that uses the locations of a linked series of crimes to determine the most probable area of offender residence. Used in cases of serial crime. Complete GIS maps of North America or Europe are included.

CADmine (Software)

Vendor: Corona Solutions Telephone: 1-888-450-9887 Description: CADmine automates analysis and reporting from your CAD data, alerting you to emerging problems, finding hotspots, instant mapping and satellite imagery of incidents, and allowing online searching and reporting. New Public version allows citizens to check statistics on neighborhoods through your agency website. Updates automatically so data is always current. FREE interagency data sharing. Automated alerts to citizens, schools and businesses.

GeoBalance (Software)

Vendor: Corona Solutions Telephone: 1-888-450-9887 Description: GeoBalance is a self-optimizing redistricting program using ArcView shapefiles and up to ten different statistics from your database. The user has full control, but can let the system build as much as you like. Demo available from the website.

Staff Wizard (Software)

Vendor: Corona Solutions Telephone: 1-888-450-9887 Description: Staff Wizard is a sophisticated modeling program for optimizing the staffing, scheduling and deployment of patrol units.

Intelligence Management and Analysis Solutions (Software)

Vendor: Memex Inc. Telephone: 703-556-4031 Description: Memex provide powerful and open systems used by intelligence, investigative and law enforcement agencies world-wide.

HAWKEYE Automated Crime Analysis System (Software)

Vendor: Rayzon Software Telephone: 310-542-5715 Description: HAWKEYE is a sophisticated automated analysis tool designed to assist law enforcement agencies in the identification of crime trends. The system runs on Windows and can automatically identify up to 729 different types of crime trends.

ISYS Search Software (Software)

Vendor: ISYS Search Software, Inc. Telephone: 1-800-992-4797 Description: ISYS Search Software is a global supplier of enterprise search solutions for business and government, including law enforcement. The company's award-winning software suite offers a broad range of products designed for searching desktops, networks, websites, intranets and custom applications.

ArcGIS (Software)

Vendor: ESRI Telephone: 1-800-447-9778 Description: GIS software from ESRI enables law enforcement personnel to capture and create an integrated picture of information in the form of interactive maps and reports on the desktop, laptop, handheld, or in the emergency vehicle.

Munipical Police Management System (Software)

Vendor: Information Management Corporation Telephone: 727-864-6028 Description: Forty pre programmed searches, Easy to use and affordable for smaller departments.Mapping for CAD and records

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