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Staff Wizard (Software)

Vendor: Corona Solutions Telephone: 1-888-450-9887 Description: Staff Wizard is a sophisticated modeling program for optimizing the staffing, scheduling and deployment of patrol units.

GeoBalance (Software)

Vendor: Corona Solutions Telephone: 1-888-450-9887 Description: GeoBalance is a self-optimizing redistricting program using ArcView shapefiles and up to ten different statistics from your database. The user has full control, but can let the system build as much as you like. Demo available from the website.

Intelligence Management and Analysis Solutions (Software)

Vendor: Memex Inc. Telephone: 703-556-4031 Description: Memex provide powerful and open systems used by intelligence, investigative and law enforcement agencies world-wide.

HAWKEYE Automated Crime Analysis System (Software)

Vendor: Rayzon Software Telephone: 310-542-5715 Description: HAWKEYE is a sophisticated automated analysis tool designed to assist law enforcement agencies in the identification of crime trends. The system runs on Windows and can automatically identify up to 729 different types of crime trends.

ISYS Search Software (Software)

Vendor: ISYS Search Software, Inc. Telephone: 1-800-992-4797 Description: ISYS Search Software is a global supplier of enterprise search solutions for business and government, including law enforcement. The company's award-winning software suite offers a broad range of products designed for searching desktops, networks, websites, intranets and custom applications.

ArcGIS (Software)

Vendor: ESRI Telephone: 1-800-447-9778 Description: GIS software from ESRI enables law enforcement personnel to capture and create an integrated picture of information in the form of interactive maps and reports on the desktop, laptop, handheld, or in the emergency vehicle.

Munipical Police Management System (Software)

Vendor: Information Management Corporation Telephone: 727-864-6028 Description: Forty pre programmed searches, Easy to use and affordable for smaller departments.Mapping for CAD and records

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