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NYPD Commissioner William Bratton's war on highway graffiti: It's personal (Article)

NYPD Commissioner Bratton uses "GraffitiStat" meetings to take a closer look at Graffiti problems on the Long Island Expressway. GraffitiStat is "modeled after the NYPD's CompStat crime analysis system."

After several high-profile incidents, what can be done to tamp down violent crime in Columbia (Article)

Article on Colombia Missouri's growth and subsequent changes in crime. Analyst Jerry East discusses the impact drugs and gangs have had on violent crime.

Warmer Weather Brings Opportunities for Crime (News)

Frederick PD (Frederick, MD) discusses crime spikes seen by month and season.

KCb (News)

Kansas City Missouri's PD discusses the changes they have made to combat violent crimes including their NoVa project and creating a real-time crime center with intelligence analysis.

Analysts help Madison police find patterns in crime (News)

As UW-Madison students packed up to go home for winter break in December, the crime analysts at the Madison Police Department’s Downtown offices knew what was coming next: A wave of burglary reports as students returned to campus in January, finding their apartments broken into and valuables stolen.

IACA member Annie Thompson makes the most of her volunteer time (News)

Annie Gainous Thompson leads a busy, full life.

The Tallahassee native is a respected crime analyst with the Tallahassee Police Department, but her work and service to the community extends far beyond law enforcement.

Thompson is a teacher, choir singer, baker, sewer and designer who credits her ability to fit in a busy schedule to her attention to time management.

Bank robbery suspect arrested thanks to detective's hunch and crime analyst's work (Article)

Madison PD's crime analyst successfully predicts a Bank Robber's next target based on the suspect's previous crimes.

Kenora OPP looking to predict crime (Article)

The OPP in Kenora are hoping to address crime before it happens through crime analysis.

When Addicts Come Calling: Police Tackle A Spate Of Opiate-Fueled Burglaries (Article)

Discussion of heroin-related crimes, specifically burglaries, being felt throughout all levels of a community.

OC Transpro will use crime data to better deploy security personnel (Article)

OC Transpro is compiling two years of incident reports along with information on any new incidents in an effort to identify trends in criminal activity.

How cold temperatures impact crime (News)

While many of us may not enjoy it, Lafayette Police Crime Analyst Steve Hawthorne said Mother Nature's bitter cold habits may actually be helpful when it comes to controlling crime.

"The winter time is the lowest time, you see it in all of the data, we get dips in crime in the winter time," said Hawthorne.

How Cold Temperatures Impact Area Crime (Article)

Lafayette PD's Crime Analyst discusses how the cold weather has impacted crime.

Pittsfield's New Crime Analyst Already Detecting Criminals (Article)

Pittsfield (MA) PD hired their first crime analyst - their Chief notes she is already helping to identify similar burglaries, what items are targeted, and places they are pawned!

Hundreds stealing to survive in York (Article)

Crime Analyst in York notes an increasing number of shoplifters stealing food to survive.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, an NDI-RS Customer, Announces Significant Drop in Crime in  (Article)

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg PD saw a drop in crime in 2013. Their Chief credits their Real Time Crime Center (RTCC) as providing intelligence for Detectives and Officers.

Advanced Certificate in Crime Prevention and Analysis - John Jay College of Criminal Justice (Crime Analysis Certificate Program)

The Certificate Program in Crime Prevention and Analysis offers advanced instruction in techniques for deterring crime and is part of the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Program at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. It provides training in the quantitative, computer-based skills needed to analyze crime patterns. It also offers instruction in the strategies that can be employed in reducing crime. Students may also pursue the certificate without pursuing the master’s degree. The certificate is appropriate for students whose career objective is to contribute to data-based analysis of crime patterns in law enforcement agencies.

Crime Analysis Certificate Program (CACP) - Seattle University (Crime Analysis Certificate Program)

The Certificate in Crime Analysis is a one-year program consisting of 25 credit hours. Crime analysts typically perform detailed statistical analyses of crime data, prepare periodic reports on criminal activity and trends, identify emerging crime patterns, and communicate their findings to a variety of internal and external audiences. They may analyze a wide variety of data including arrests, convictions, known criminal associates, and other criminal intelligence data in order to explore relationships and identify patterns and correlations in support of investigative efforts. These data come from diverse sources, including existing agency databases, financial and telecommunications records, and the Internet.

Sheriff reports crime decrease in unincorporated Durham (Article)

Article discussing Durham County's drop in crime during 2013. Crime analysis technology played a role in pinpointing problem areas and helping to guide the County's resources.

RCMP graph shows startling increase in graffiti (Article)

Crime analysis played a key role in identifying trends and patterns in the graffiti as well as helped to track down known and suspect offenders.

Theft-related crimes decline by 46 percent in 2013 (Article)

Clayton County (GA) discusses how "community oriented policing" along with "crime-oriented and intelligence-driven policy" have contributed to their success in decreasing theft related crimes.

New Sheriff's Office employee fights crime analytically (Article)

Cecil County Sheriff's Office recently hired a new Crime Analyst through a grant under the Safe Streets program. This article discusses her role in the organization.

Scottsdale led Valley in decrease of violent crimes in 2012 (Article)

Scottsdale PD sees decrease in violent crimes and discusses how crime-prevention & intelligence sharing has helped.

LAPD Command Post: What do they do in there? (Article)

Brief article discussing the LAPD's real time crime analysis center (RACR).

Redlands Honors Local Heroes (Article)

The city of Redlands honored local heroes including their Crime Analyst, Amy Varela for her impact in helping to solve crimes.

RCMP report property crime down in Barrington (Article)

A RCMP crime analyst discusses the decline in property crime in Barrington & highlights the importance of using crime analysis!

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