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It Strategic And Operational Controls (Book)

John Kyriazoglou, CICA, M.S., B.A (Hons) (2010). ISBN: . Description: BOOK SYNOPSIS

This book is about Information Technology (IT) Strategic and Operational Controls. IT controls enable and support all management levels of the organization (top, middle, and lower) to accomplish the IT strategic and operational goals of the organization. The book covers all the IT areas and is structured in ten chapters and a set of appendices, as noted below:


Vital information on how to systematically implement IT strategic and operational controls to support and enhance your organisation!

Nowadays, integrated information systems can significantly magnify the accrued benefits of a given project and greatly strengthen an organisation, but such benefits are balanced by a serious risk. If IT systems are not used in a disciplined manner they can create havoc and they frequently bring about unexpected results and catastrophe, as shown by the rise in security incidents and computer-based crimes.

Master IT controls concepts and issues. Written with practicality and convenience in mind, this book is an ideal tool for those without specialised technical expertise seeking to understand IT controls and their design, implementation, monitoring, review and audit issues.

Minimise risk and maximise benefits. This book provides a comprehensive guide to implementing an integrated and flexible set of IT controls in a systematic way. It can help organisations to formulate a complete culture for all areas which must be supervised and controlled; allowing them to simultaneously ensure a secure, high standard whilst striving to obtain the strategic and operational goals of the company.

Benefits to business include:
(1) Understand and control the associated risks of IT systems. This book contains practical advice and illustrates solutions to the
tremendously complicated problems of designing, implementing and auditing new and existing systems, making use of practical and easily customisable examples.
(2) Increase management’s aptitude to achieve operational goals. With well-controlled, integrated and robust IT systems, you can gain a comparative advantage in a
competitive environment, whilst ensuring that information is relevant, accurate and timely.
(3) Ensure high standards within your IT systems. For each covered aspect of control, this book provides audit programmes and checklists to help management and auditors
carry out reviews and audits. As an additional aid, there is an appendix comprising guidelines and examples of ‘how to enhance’ IT security, IT policies and ethical code.
Auditors will find reference to a large number of very relevant tools for use in auditing and reviewing IT operations.

Making use of a clear and pragmatic presentation, this book provides a thorough description of all elements of IT controls in a systematic and detailed way,
allowing managers, IT professionals, practitioners and auditors to customise examples to their own specific purpose. It is a comprehensive tool for anyone who
wishes to cement their understanding of IT controls and, most importantly, for those who aim to realise the full capacity of information systems, whilst rigorously controlling the concomitant risks.

VAIL - Virtual Analyst Intelligence Logic (Software)

Vendor: Sentinel Software Group Telephone: 888-892-6096 Description: VAIL ( Virtual Analyst Intelligence Logic ) dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of traditional crime analysis by automatically ‘crunching’ available source systems and identifying qualified leads or patterns that human analysts can then review, verify and take action against. The VAIL engine continually analyzes input sources using codified analytic best practices and delivers a more consistent and broader analysis of all available information than could be achieved using traditional analysis tools and techniques – and in real time. The system identifies patterns using all the available information in structured and unstructured narrative fields including people and their relationships, time and place, vehicles, narcotics, weapons, gangs and organizations, numbers or identifiers like phone numbers and most importantly descriptive modus-operandi or other personal traits.

List of State and Local Government Agencies (Tip)

A website list of agencies by state that you may find helpful: http://www.statelocalgov.net

Howard County Public Safety Officials Trim Money, Not Patrols (Success Stories)

…despite making cuts elsewhere in its spending plan, the department added a crime analyst to its force. Adding the analyst, McMahon said, is a money-saving move…

LAPD Tries to Predict Crimes Before They Occur (Success Stories)

The future of crime fighting begins with a story about strawberry Pop-Tarts, bad weather and Wal-Mart…

Maptitude Mapping Software (Software)

Vendor: Caliper Corporation Telephone: 617-527-4700 Description: The Maptitude Geographic Information System (GIS) is a lower priced professional mapping software system that provides everything you need to realize the benefits of desktop mapping and spatial analysis within a single package.

Google Alerts - Receive Email Updates of Relevant Google Results (Tip)

Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

Google Alerts uses the Google search function to locate recent content based on your chosen search terms and then sends that content to your e-mail.
The search terms can include advanced search functions, such as “filetype:” and “site:”.

For example to search on just government domains you would enter your search term followed by “site:.gov”, and if you only wanted to search for MS Excel spreadsheets you would enter your search term followed by “filetype:xls”.

Each alert you create allows you to choose whether you want to search everything (i.e. all of Google), or limit your search to news, blogs, video, or discussions.

You can receive an e-mail with your results as the happen, or once daily, or once weekly.

Google Alerts is an excellent tool for keeping track of a specific topic as it is identified by Google.

Henrico Woman Credited with Catching the Granddad Bandit (Success Stories)

WRIC TV 8 Video clip showcases the work of analyst Joyce Salmon.

New Police Program Identifies High-Risk Areas (Success Stories)

Kansas City police are deploying a new tool which could drastically change the way officers patrol neighborhoods…

Joe Friday Couldn’t Do This (Success Stories)

Burlington - It wasn’t too long ago that police departments around the country still used one of the oldest methods available to deter criminals from plying their trade: An officer walking a beat…

Persistent Number Sequence in Excel (Tip)

If you want a column of numbers that keep a certain sequence when you delete rows, use this tip as a guide. If you have a list like this:

1 foo
2 bar
3 baz

with the numbers in column A, you would want a value of 1 in cell A1. Then, all other cells in column A would have this formula:

=INDIRECT("A" & ROW()-1)+1

What Could Be: Futurists to Converge on Boston with Forecasts on Religion, Terror, and Medicine (Success Stories)

…Debra Piehl, a member of the World Future Society and the much smaller Police Futurists International, said she studies the future to anticipate technological advances by two groups: law enforcement and criminals…

Beyond The Basics: The Association Matrix (Article)

Eugene Matthews (2010). For years analysts have used the Association Matrix to help develop investigations and support their recommendations. Since its introduction the basics of the association matrix, as well as others, hasn't changed significantly. Here are a couple of suggestions on how to take an old workhorse to a new level.

Agnovi X-Fire (Software)

Vendor: Agnovi Corporation Telephone: 1-866-890-8265 Description: This powerful and easy to use electronic case management software is designed to assist investigators in managing files from initial incident to court disclosure.

The software features include: incident capture, case management, task management, disclosure management, access control, system and officer generated link analysis charts, timeline charting, volume reporting, hyper-linked and indexed case reports and more.

Policing With An IT Edge - Interview with CBC (Success Stories)

The Saint John police force is pleased with the results of its Intelligence Led Policing, software that maps and potentially reduces criminal trends. Crime Analyst James Stewart speaks to CBC news reporter Sarah Trainor about it.

The Hate Directory (Article)

Raymond A. Franklin (2010). A comprehensive Document with links leading to extensive information on documented hate groups that are available on the internet. Very good information.

Better Policing With Microsoft Office (2003 Version) (Book)

Mark A Stallo and Christopher W Bruce (2005). ISBN: 1-4196-0948-3. Description: This book demonstrates how to use Access, Excel, Word and PowerPoint to become more effective and efficient in law enforcement applications. The examples presented in this book concentrate on crime analysis and other police functions. The exercises solve real world problems in law enforcement, using fictional data. The book has been designed for a 40 hour seminar or a semester long college course. College or university faculty are encouraged to review the book for use in a crime analysis and other law enforcement application courses.

The book can be obtained by going to www.booksurge.com

Exploring Crime Analysis (second Edition) (Book)

International Association of Crime Analysts (2009). ISBN: 1-4392-2042-5. Description: Full coverage of the essential skills and knowledge sets required to be a good crime analyst. Includes: crime analysis fundamentals, mapping, statistics, research methods for problem-solving, criminology theory, spreadsheets, presentations, publications, critical thinking, and more.

Crime Analysis With Crime Mapping (2nd Edition) (Book)

Rachel Boba (2008). ISBN: 1412968585. Description: One of the first books to bring crime analysis and crime mapping to an undergraduate audience and the only introductory core text available on the topic, this Second Edition of Crime Analysis with Crime Mapping provides an overview of the field, covers key analytical techniques, and discusses crime prevention and the role of crime analysis in effective policing. Enriched by author Rachel Boba’s unique perspective as an experienced academic and former crime analyst, the book offers a thorough introduction to the field as well as guidelines for practice.

Crime Analysis with Crime Mapping is designed for undergraduate and graduate courses in Criminology, Criminal Justice, Forensic Science, Criminal Investigation, GIS, Geography, and Sociology. Relevant for current and future crime analysts as well as other police practitioners, the book is valuable for practitioner training in crime analysis and crime mapping.

Better Policing With Microsoft Office 2007 (Book)

Christopher W. Bruce & Mark A. Stallo (2009). ISBN: 1-4392-5328-5. Description: This book demonstrates how to use Access, Excel, Word and PowerPoint to become more effective and efficient in law enforcement applications. The examples presented in this book concentrate on crime analysis and other police functions. The exercises solve real world problems in law enforcement, using fictional data. The book has been designed for a 40 hour seminar or a semester long college course. College or university faculty are encouraged to review the book for use in a crime analysis and other law enforcement application courses.

The book can be ordered on Amazon.

Crime Analysis For Problem-Solvers (in 60 Small Steps) (Book)

Ronald Clarke and John Eck (2005). ISBN: B002D0917I. Description: This 60-step manual assumes that you are an experienced analyst and that you are accustomed to providing the kind of information needed to support police operations. It builds on your experience to prepare you for a different analytic role as a key member of a problem-solving team. Indeed, the latest writings on problem-oriented policing see crime analysts as central to this new way of policing communities. These writers argue that many of the weaknesses of current practice result from the insufficient involvement of well-trained crime analysts at each stage of the problem-solving process.

The manual prepares you for this new role by providing you with a basic knowledge of problem-oriented policing and the related fields of environmental criminology and situational crime prevention.

Intelligence-Led Policing (Book)

Jerry H. Ratcliffe (2008). ISBN: 1843923394. Description: What is intelligence-Led policing? Who came up with the idea? Where did it come from? How does it related to other policing paradigms? What distinguishes an intelligence-Led approach to crime reduction? How is it designed to have an impact on crime? Does it prevent crime? What is crime disruption? Is intelligence-Led policing just for the police? These are questions asked by many police professionals, including senior officers, analysts and operational staff, as well as students of policing. The answers to these questions are the subject of this book."Intelligence-Led Policing" brings the concepts, processes and practice of intelligence-Led policing into focus, so that students, practitioners and scholars of policing, criminal intelligence and crime analysis can better understand the evolving theoretical and empirical dynamics of this rapidly growing paradigm. The first book of its kind, enhanced by viewpoint contributions from intelligence experts and case studies of police operations, provides a much-needed and timely in-depth synopsis of this emerging movement in a practical and accessible style.

MapInfo Crime Profiler (Software)

Vendor: Pitney Bowes Business Insight Telephone: 1-800-327-8627 Description: MapInfo Crime Profiler™ is a highly specialized application, which provides a set of tools and mode of presentation designed specifically for the needs of crime analysts working within law enforcement agencies. It enables crime analysts to use sophisticated statistical manipulation techniques without having to enter complex queries, and reflects the typical workflow of a crime analyst.

MapInfo Crime Profiler™ removes the need for analysts to devote a substantial proportion of their efforts to time-consuming statistical manipulation, such as creating macros or pivot tables in SPSS or MS Excel. Instead, these tasks are automated through a dashboard interface. It allows the analyst to choose automated options including:

• Multiple real-time hotspotting options and kernel density visualization;
• Integrated 3D imagery including CCTV footage;
• User-specified temporal analysis (contrasting day/night or other time profiles);
• Automatic graphing and mapping creation, linking and updates; and
• Automated data, table and workspace utilities.

Crime Analyst Featured in Textbook (Success Stories)

While most people are familiar with patrol officers and police detectives, Mark Bridge's job is lesser known. "Most people who I tell that I am a crime analyst think it's CSI," he said…

REX  (Software)

Vendor: Agnovi Corporation Telephone: 1-866-890-8265 Description: Easy to use software designed for entity tracking, gang tracking and storage of information and intelligence. It is designed to be able to permit the user to enter information and immediately identify linkages based on information in the database. This software also provides system generated link analysis charts or permits the user to generate their own charts.
This system generates numerous reports including entity reports and file reports. All the reports are in a searchable PDF format with the attachments automatically hyper-linked.

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