Professional Training Series Course Descriptions

The classes below are currently offerered by the IACA:

Foundations of Crime Analysis


Foundations of Crime Analysis explores the basic terms, concepts, and techniques of crime analysis. It is intended for new analysts, officers or executives charged with developing crime analysis programs, or self-taught journeyman analysts looking for formal training.

With a combination of seminar, group projects, and hands-on exercises, the class covers the functions and processes of crime analysis, the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed, proper administration of a crime analysis unit, and pointers for further training and development. The class includes an overview of the more extensive training found in the other IACA Professional Training Series courses.

(This course was formerly titled “Fundamentals of Crime Analysis"; the content has been updated as of 2016 and the name changed to differentiate it from the online class with the same name. The two classes are similar but not exactly the same.)

Certification Skills: Foundations of Crime Analysis, Interpreting Crime Statistics, Critical Thinking, Criminal Behavior, Data Integrity

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About the Professional Training Series

Each class offered by the IACA is designed to provide a solid foundation in key skills needed to be a successful analyst.