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Telephone Toll Analysis


This hands-on computer based course will equip students with the techniques and skills to effectively analyze and interpret telephone data.

Students will work on real life scenarios and learn about what data can be requested, how to efficiently organize the data so that patterns can be identified, and how to apply a range of analytical techniques, including call pattern analysis and cell site correlation analysis, to help inform and direct investigations.

From terrorism investigations to criminal cases, major incidents and serious crime prevention, law enforcement agencies are using the findings from telephone data analysis to help detect, solve, and prevent crime and to prosecute criminals.

This course is designed for Patrol Officers, Detectives and Analysts. The course will demonstrate how the students can use readily available software, Excel and Google Earth, to effectively direct investigations and resources.

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About the Professional Training Series

Each class offered by the IACA is designed to provide a solid foundation in key skills needed to be a successful analyst.