Professional Training Series Course Descriptions

The classes below are currently offerered by the IACA:

Crime Analysis for Smaller Jurisdictions


Crime Analysis for Smaller Jurisdictions is a two-day workshop designed to provide an introduction to Crime Analysis and an understanding of its application within smaller jurisdictions. Students learn how to design, fund, establish, and staff a crime analysis unit for a smaller jurisdiction.

This class will focus on jurisdictions where the analysis is being done by a police officer (in addition to his/her regular duties), a Chief, a Commander, a new analyst or a part time analyst in jurisdictions with less than 125 officers. The class content will include presentations and discussions on various policing philosophies/models, basic levels of analysis, basic products and the use of commonly held software programs.

Certification Skills: Research Methods, Descriptive Statistics, Inferential Statistics, Qualitative Analysis, Demographic Analysis, Spatial Analysis, Reading Comprehension, Publications

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About the Professional Training Series

Each class offered by the IACA is designed to provide a solid foundation in key skills needed to be a successful analyst.