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Webinar: Convincing Your Department to Buy In to Your Crime Analysis Unit


Convincing your Department to "Buy In" to your Crime Analysis Unit (or Crime Analyst), and all that they provide, can be a daunting task. Addressing questions such as:

-- "How did you get your department to increase in call volume for services and products?"
-- "How did you develop such a trusting relationship with your officers and Investigators?"
-- "How did you get to be such an important part of their "Real Time" process?"
-- "How did you get an analyst to be imbedded into their Tactical and Crisis Management Teams?"

A yearlong project was created that addressed those very questions. The target organization was a large, upstate NY Sheriff's Office (Over 1000 sworn). The goal was to convince the Sheriff's Office to:

-- Subscribe - to Crime Analysis practices and approaches
-- Invest - in the belief that it should be an integral part of their operations
-- Integrate - those beliefs into the process.

As a result of this project, the Crime Analyst's Role within the Sheriff's Office was expanded, and made an integral part of their daily patrol operations, real time investigative process, and tactical operations, to include embedding a Tactical Analyst within the Hostage Recovery Team. The utilization of crime analysis also became a part of their yearly in-service training.

Framing, strategy, cross training, and mutual understanding will be discussed in length for those looking to bridge the gap between the sworn, and civilian, mindsets of law enforcement practitioners and Crime Analysts. This presentation covers the various project strategies that were initiated, the surveys administered, results, suggested changes to protocol, and the final presentation that was made to the administrative body of the Sheriff's Office.

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