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Webinar: Best Practices for Effective Crime Analysis


Course Description
Marketing your agency's crime analysis unit is essential to its success. This course, based on the instructor's years of experience and training, will give you insight into building a solid foundation that is essential to your analytical success. After attending training, you return to your office and aren't sure where to start with that new tool. There are some very small things that need to be done before you attend another class. It's time to RETHINK YOUR JOB! How do you become the local crime expert? Where is all of the data? What products should I produce that won't end up in the trash? How do I get them to listen to me? What do they want and need? Can I really help them find the bad guy? All of these questions will be answered in this course and you will be able to return to your desk the next day and start applying these basic, but proven principles of crime analysis.

- Analytical infrastructure
- Creating effective products you won't find in the trash
- Your agency's needs
- Identifying the problem and finding the solutions
- Catching bad guys
- Data is your weapon

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Each class offered by the IACA is designed to provide a solid foundation in key skills needed to be a successful analyst.