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Webinar: Credit Card Fraud - How Analysts Can Assist in Complex Investigations


This presentation will focus on analysis of Organized Retail Crime (ORC) groups, specifically related to credit card fraud (not related to Felony Lane). There will be some discussion of shoplifting rings, but we will be concentrating on groups conducting in-store purchases with fraudulent or stolen credit cards. We will look at basic organizational structure, types of credit card fraud, current trends, data sources, and case examples. The goal of the presentation is to provide a better understanding of how these groups operate and how to help crack the seemingly impossible cases many departments dread investigating. Most importantly we will highlight the role analysts can play in these complex investigations: what types of information are available to collect, how to pull all the data together to help identify and track your suspects, and supplying detectives with useful products to submit the cases for charging.

Citrix invites will be sent out roughly 1 week before the webinar. Certificates of attendance are provided to those who participate roughly 1 week after the session is over.

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