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Webinar: Excel Series 2017-11 Excel IF Statements


IF Statements are frequently avoided, often in favor of more complicated and time-consuming series of manual tasks. This module will demonstrate the ease of use of IF Statements, creating IF statements, and combining IF statements to create layered instructions for specified cells. Practical examples will be included. No need to fear; IF Statements are here!

Audience: Users with a solid background in Excel

This is the eleventh session in a year-long series of webinars designed to help analysts grow their skills in Microsoft Excel. Members may pick and choose which topics are most applicable to them or enroll in the entire series.

Citrix invites will be sent out roughly 1 week before the webinar. Certificates of attendance are provided to those who participate roughly 1 week after the session is over.

Certification Skills: NA

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About the Professional Training Series

Each class offered by the IACA is designed to provide a solid foundation in key skills needed to be a successful analyst.