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As a member of the IACA, you can:

Which includes:

  • A searchable member database
  • Executive Board meeting minutes
  • Special members-only content such as RSS feeds for new jobs, analyst tips and all other resources
  • Access conference presentations from past years
  • Use Certification Tracking to chart your course towards CLEA status
  • Ready-to-use presentations
  • Sample crime data

There are over a dozen forum categories.

IACA Conferences and Professional Training Series classes

Vote on IACA Board positions, bylaw changes and other issues.

Choose from on a diverse selection of committees to serve or run for an elected Board position.

View and  print your own membership certificate. 


The current IACA membership fee for individuals is $25.00 USD. Individuals applying from UN-designated Developing Countries can join for $5.00 USD (20% of the current fee). Group membership fees vary by group size and are paid directly to the regional association, not to the IACA.

Membership FAQ

Below are commonly asked questions regarding the IACA membership. If after reviewing this FAQ you have other questions, please contact us. 

The membership fee for the IACA depends on the type of your membership application. There are 3 types of membership: Individual, UN-designated Developing Country, and Group.


The current IACA membership fee for individuals is $25.00 USD. Most people join the IACA under the Individual membership category. If you are not joining under one of the listed regional crime analysis associations or groups, and you are not from a UN-designated Developing Country, use this option.

UN-designated Developing Country

If you are applying for IACA membership and you reside in one of the countries designated by the United Nations as a:

  • Small Island Developing State (SIDS)
  • Least Developed Country (LDCs), or
  • Landlocked Developing Country (LLDCs)

You are eligible to join the IACA for $5.00 USD. Please confirm that your country is on one or more of these UN lists; all applications will be verified and may be rejected for this reason.


The International Association of Crime Analysts has negotiated agreements with certain groups. This agreement allows members of those groups to join the IACA under a reduced, “Group” rate. This rate is determined by the group size. The member fees for small groups (21-30 members) is $20 USD/year. The rate for large groups (31+ members) is $15 USD/year.

The current list of groups is below (fees are in USD):

Mid-America Regional Crime Analysis Network15$15.00
Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts15$15.00
Colorado Crime Analysis Association15$15.00
San Diego Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association15$15.00
Minnesota Association of Criminal Intelligence Analysts15$15.00
Virginia Crime Analyst Network15$15.00
Edmonton Police Service20$20.00
Arizona Association of Crime Analysts15$15.00
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children – Case Analysis Division15$15.00
Northwest Regional Crime Analysts Network15$15.00
Southern California Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association15$15.00
Inland Empire Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association15$15.00
Bay Area Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association15$15.00
Calgary Police Services (Canada)15$15.00
Garda Siochana Analysis Service20$20.00
Tennessee Association of Law Enforcement Analysts15$15.00
Toronto Police Service15$15.00
Northern Valley Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association15$15.00
Florida Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association15$15.00
International Forensics & Business Institute5$5.00
Maryland State Police MCAC15$15.00
Texas Law Enforcement Analysts Network15$15.00
Colegio Mexicano de Analisis y Desarrollo Estrategico15$15.00
Guanajuato Analysis Group15$15.00
Criminal Analysts of Colombia15$15.00
RCMP DCAS15$15.00
Central Valley Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association15$15.00
Louisville Metro Police Department15$15.00
Wisconsin Law Enforcement Analysts Network15$15.00
New York Association of Law Enforcement Analysts15$15.00
Grupo de Analistas Criminales de República Dominicana5$5.00
Caribbean Crime Analysis Group5$5.00
Ottawa Police Service15$15.00
Chile Analysts Network5$5.00
Harris County Sheriff’s Office15$15.00
International Justice Mission (IJM) Global Fusion Center5$5.00
Analistas Criminales en Guatemala5$5.00
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department15$15.00
RCMP OSB (Operations Strategy Branch)15$15.00
Peel Regional Police15$15.00
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office25$25.00
High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas15$15.00
IRIS Tech15$15.0


Only apply for group membership if you have already paid your membership fees through your group. Please do not apply for IACA membership until you have applied and pay your member fees to your group. After your payment has been processed by your group, please complete the IACA membership and select the appropriate group.

Please note that membership with the IACA is not an instant process; it requires confirmation of member information and confirmation of payment, followed by activation of membership. IACA membership is a separate process and requires an application for membership aside from your application to any local association or group. You will receive a welcome email containing your IACA website username and password when this process is complete.

If you are a member of one of the groups above, you are entitled to join the IACA as a group member. If you choose this option, please remember that as a group member, you will pay your member fees directly to your group and NOT to the IACA.

When you complete the group member application, an email will be sent to your group contact notifying them that you have applied for IACA membership. Please direct all questions regarding group membership to the IACA Vice President of Membership.

Professional certification is not required in order to be a working crime analyst. It is up to you, and possibly up to the agency for which you work, to weigh whether or not certification will benefit you and help you to meet your professional goals.

Yes, most regional association members have dual membership in the IACA. Please see the Group Membership information above.

Membership in the IACA is restricted to those persons who have a demonstrated interest in crime analysis or criminal intelligence analysis and who support the doctrines and goals of the IACA.

New members can only pay for 1 year, however existing members can renew for up to 10 years at a time.

Please note that membership with the IACA is not an instant process; it requires confirmation of member information and confirmation of payment, followed by activation of membership. If you paid online, your application is reviewed and activated quickly, usually within a few days. If your payment was made by check, it can take much longer, especially if the check came from an agency and did not have any information associating the check with your membership.

There are several reasons why you might experience difficulty logging in. If you have just applied online, your membership application must be reviewed (even if you paid using a credit card).

If you have already been activated, verify your membership status from the login page. You can check your membership status using your email address, confirmation number or your member ID. The information you receive on the status page will vary depending on your particular membership status.

If your membership is active, the problem is likely with your password. You can request your password, or if you know your member ID you can reset your password.

If you are still encountering login problems, you can contact us for further assistance.

Log in to your IACA account and click on the cog/wheel at the top right of your screen in order to open the Member Portal. Under ‘Membership’ on the left-hand side, click on ‘Renew Membership’ to reach the payment screen to renew your membership.

Please contact vp-membership@iaca.net with any questions.

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