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To review the courses currently open for registration, please click the title below to expand each section. Information on registering is found inside. You can register multiple people for a class at one time AND you can check out for multiple classes in one transaction by utilizing the “shopping cart” feature. Simply register for each class, return to the course catalog to register for the next, and so on, until all classes have been added. Then you can make one payment for all classes by clicking on the shopping cart and following the prompts.

All IACA classes award a certification of attendance or completion for those students who attend/pass. We will not send certificates for in person or online classes until we have received payment.

Each class has information regarding the difficulty level/intended audience. These are guidelines only to ensure you have the best experience, but are not rigid requirements. We will not be checking your experience level prior to enrollment. 

If you have developed training curriculum and are interested in developing that material into an IACA class, please contact the Training Director at training@iaca.net.

In Person classes

Note: In person instruction is on hold due to Covid. Instead, we offer these classes in a “live online” format. View the course posting page for full details.

The current in person schedule is available below. These classes are $395 for members and $445 for non-members. We provide in person training as requested by local agencies/regional associations. The full list of available topics can be reviewed here. If you’d like to bring a particular class to your area, please review the hosting requirements listed here

12-week Online classes

All 12-week classes are structured the same and cost $395 for members and $445 for non-members. Students should expect a time commitment of 3-5 hours per week, per class to gain a pass grade. All courses will be graded as a pass/fail. They not a self-paced; each class will advance as a group. Students can login anytime to work as needed. We will use a variety of ways to allow for student participation and interaction.


Webinars are 1-2 hr long sessions, usually held once a month, via our GoToWebinar account that can either be stand alone topics or a series of topics that connect from one to the next. The sessions can be taken independently, but for a webinar series, the material builds on itself as the year goes on so we encourage people to take the whole series. Each webinar costs $10 for IACA members, $20 for non-members. If a session is free, it will be noted in the description. Some (but not all) webinars are recorded and can be viewed by IACA members here after 45 days have passed from the original air date.

Cancellation Policy

Training Class Cost

Your training fee is determined at the time of your registration. If you register for a class as a non-member but join the IACA at a later date, you are still responsible for the non-member training rate for any classes your registered for prior to becoming a member. If you are an IACA member but your membership has lapsed, please renew your membership and verify it is active before registering for a training class. you can check your membership status here.

If you transfer your registration to a non-IACA member within your organization, you will be responsible for paying the difference between the member and non-member rates.

Payments / Refunds

All payments are in U.S. Dollars (USD). Payments for IACA classes must be received 10 business days prior to the first day of class.

All refunds for credit card or PayPal payments will be subject to a 4% administrative fee to cover charges we must pay for those transactions.

Cancellations and Substitutions

Student cancellations or withdrawals from a class must be received by the Training Series Director via email at least 15 business days prior to the first day of class.

If your training fee has been paid but you cannot attend, you may transfer your registration to another person in your organization. If you transfer your registration to a non-IACA member, you will be responsible for paying the difference between the member and non-member rates. The IACA training director must be notified via email of any substitutions.

If a cancellation or withdrawal occurs within the 15 day period prior to the start of the class, class tuition will not be refunded to a student or organization and cannot be applied to future IACA classes. Exceptions to this cancellation policy can only be made by the Training Series Coordinator on a case by case basis.


To be certain you receive correspondence regarding the IACA Professional Training Series, please adjust your spam filter to accept incoming mail from the iaca.net domain, or from the email addresses notify@iaca.net and training@iaca.net.

Training Series FAQ

The best way to reach someone from the Training Committee is to email us at training@iaca.net. Messages sent to that address will reach multiple members of the committee, but please note we are all volunteers with full time jobs, so we won’t respond instantly. We do our best to respond within 24 hours (on week days). We prefer to conduct all business over email if possible, but if the situation is complex then we can arrange a phone call. Please note that we absolutely cannot accept payment over the phone.

The IACA Training Series currently consists of a mix of in-person courses, 12-week online classes, and webinars. In-person classes include:

  • Foundations of Crime Analysis
  • Tactical Crime Analysis
  • Computer Applications
  • Microsoft Access for Crime Analysis
  • Crime Mapping & Analysis
  • Problem Analysis.

There are nine 12-week online classes:

  • Fundamentals of Crime Analysis
  • Criminal Investigative Analysis
  • Serial Offenders: Analysis & Investigation
  • Essential Skills I & II
  • Advanced Analytical Methods for Microsoft Office
  • Crime Analysis for Small Jurisdictions
  • Optimizing Analytical Function in Policing,
  • Problem Analysis

All of these classes were developed by crime analysts who have significant experience with the subject matter and training and currently work in the field of crime analysis. Each class is a mixture of lecture, hands-on exercises and a final project. Webinars are 60-90 minute sessions, lecture style, held online that cover a variety of topics.

Refer to the course catalog for a list of all IACA Training Series classes, their dates and locations. By clicking in the link for each class, you can read the course description along with information on the location, instructor and course materials. You can also find out how many seats are left in each class.

Students can register for an IACA Training Series class by visiting the Training Series page. All registrations are handled online and payments can be made using a credit card, PayPal, or check.

Instructors lecture, conduct hands-on practical exercises and then oversee the students’ final projects. Students use data/examples provided by the instructor, and in some classes, students may be encouraged to use their own data or agency specific examples. For each class students receive work books that contain lecture notes, exercises and resources on the subject matter.

Unfortunately, no. We are an international association and our students come from all 50 US states plus dozens of other countries. We don’t have the time or resources to meet the POST requirements of each individual state. 

IACA member rates are $395 per student, per class and non-IACA member rates are $445 per student, per class. Webinars are $10 for members and $20 for non-members. Occasionally, we offer free webinars as well. The price will be clearly labeled for each course.

No, we cannot accept your payment details over the phone nor should you email your credit card info. You can pay online using a credit/debit card or PayPal account, or you can mail a check or money order. If you need your invoice or are having trouble with the online payment system, please email us at training@iaca.net.

Payments for IACA classes must be received 10 business days prior to the first day of class. If you wish to register but are within the 10 day window, or know your agency will not be able to make the payment in time, please contact us at training@iaca.net as we’re willing to be flexible with you. Student cancellations/withdrawals from class must be received by the Training Series Coordinator via email 15 business days prior to the first day of class.

Training substitutions can be made of another student from the same agency, but written notification must be made to the Training Coordinator via email. If a cancellation or withdrawal occurs within the 15 day period, class tuition will not be refunded to a student/agency and cannot be applied to future IACA classes. Exceptions to this cancellation policy can only be made by the Training Series Coordinator on a case by case basis.

The core IACA Training Series courses were developed in conjunction with the IACA certification process. The Certification Committee developed specific skill set areas to test analysts through the certification process. The IACA Training Series committee took these skill sets and created five core course outlines to address these specific topics. Curriculum developers were then selected based upon their crime analysis experience, specific skill knowledge and their teaching/curriculum development experience. These curriculums were developed so that, regardless of the instructor, students will receive the same skill set instruction to prepare for the certification exam. Additional classes have been added as the profession as evolved and to meet specific needs and requests from the membership.

All IACA classes will prepare students to take the IACA certification exam, however the online classes Essential Skills I and II were specifically designed to prep for the exam. Each of the classes cover specific skill sets tested during the certification exam. Please note students who take any IACA training series classes will not automatically be qualified to take the certification exam. In order to take the test, students must complete the certification application and meet a minimum number of points, based on work experience, education and other factors. Please visit the IACA Certification page for more information on this process.

Host agencies/associations must provide either a computer lab (for Tactical Crime Analysis, Computer Applications, and Crime Mapping) or a lecture/meeting room (for Fundamentals and Problem Analysis) for each class. Computer labs must have a minimum of 14 computers (not counting the instructor computer) and lecture/meetings rooms must seat 20 students comfortably.

Computer-based courses held in a computer lab have specific software requirements. If an agency decides to host a Tactical Crime Analysis class or Computer Applications class, the computer lab must be equipped with Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2007 or higher. To host a Crime Mapping class, the computer lab must be equipped with ESRI’s ArcGIS 10 and the Spatial Analyst extension for each student. If your lab does not already own licenses for ArcGIS 10, then you cannot host the Crime Mapping class as there is no way to procure the licenses. We’re currently working on a version of the class using ArcGIS Pro.

Training Classrooms/computer labs must be equipped with a laptop computer and projector for the instructor. The room must also have a dry erase board, Smartboard or flip charts for use by the instructor. The training facility must have ample parking and must be located near hotels and dining.

In order to host a class, the host agencies/associations must have 12 paid students registered for the class 15 business days prior to the first day of the class. If an agency has not met this minimum, the class may be cancelled. For every 9 paid students in the class, the host agency/association will receive one free seat in the class. If a host agency has 18 paid students registered for the class, the host agency will receive 2 free seats.

The IACA will not open up classes to more than 20 students. If the host agency/association requests a larger class size, an additional cost for a class/lab assistant will be assessed.

If you would like to host a class, please fill out this form and a member of the Training Committee will be in touch.

Tactical Crime Analysis, Computer Applications and Crime Mapping are taught in a computer lab. Although Fundamentals of Crime Analysis and Problem Analysis are lecture courses, students are encouraged to bring laptops to access the internet, Microsoft Word and other applications that apply to the course materials.

The benefit of a regional association hosting the IACA Training Series classes is twofold. First, crime analysts from agencies with little or no training budget can attend local, quality crime analysis training. Second, the local crime analysis association builds a partnership with the IACA and establishes a relationship for future training, lectures or conferences. In addition, local associations that host IACA Training Series classes split the class profit with the IACA. Several local associations have made $1,000+ for their association by hosting IACA classes. Lastly, local associations can offer their free seat(s) to local association members who may not have a training budget.

Yes! The IACA is constantly reviewing it’s course offerings. If there are topics you are interested in seeing developed into Specialty Topic Classes please contact us with your ideas.

Learn more about the requirements to become an instructor and download the application packet here: IACA Instructor Application Program.

Webinar FAQ

Congratulations! Webinars are a great way to learn specific techniques or topics in a short period of time. Now that you’ve registered, you should expect to receive an email, with directions on how to access the webinar. Your email will be sent to you approximately one week before the webinar.

The IACA uses Citrix Software, commonly known as GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar, to run the webinars. You will receive an email invitation directly from GoToWebinar that provides you the URL and audio information for accessing the class at the specified date and time. You will also receive an automated reminder 1 day and 1 hour before the webinar time.

If you need to cancel, please email training@iaca.net. If you cancel through the GoToWebinar invitation, we will not be notified.

If you haven’t received notifications from either the Online Training Coordinator or GoToWebinar, please email training@iaca.net, at least two days in advance of the webinar. Make sure you reference which webinar you are trying to attend.

You can check current system requirements here.

BE FOREWARNED: It is not uncommon for an agency to block the GoToWebinar software. You should verify that you can run the software well in advance of the webinar session. Once the webinar begins, we cannot help you troubleshoot your problems. It is your responsibility to verify that you can access the platform. Here is a link you can use to test your connection.

No. You will have the opportunity to listen to the presenter; however, you will be able to view their computer screen and the activity on it.

You will hear the audio through your speakers. If you have questions, you can type them in for the presenter using your keyboard, as well as type chat messages to either the presenter or IACA staff.

Yes. You can sign them up for the webinar; however, it is important to use their email address that is on file with the IACA. Otherwise, they will not receive the member tuition rate. Also, register for each person that will be attending the webinar session, even if you are viewing it together. Please use the honor system. Webinar fees are set at a reasonable rate of $10 for members to make the training affordable for you.

The website now allows for bulk registration. Click “register now,” then on the registration page, change the quantity of students and additional boxes will appear so you can enter multiple students. The system will automatically calculate the appropriate fee based on each person’s membership status.

Webinar times will vary according to the presenter’s schedule. Times are always displayed in the Eastern time zone. Be sure you convert to your local time!

Yes. Search the appropriate app store for your operating system.

There is a feature on your control panel that will allow you to type a question. The presenter will respond to questions as time allows. Some presenters choose to take questions during the webinar while others save them for the end.

First, click here for help. If you are still having problems, contact Citrix customer support for further assistance.

Select webinars are posted to the Webinar Library section of the IACA website. All IACA members can access these recordings at any time and can receive a certificate (instructions are on the webinar library page). Please note that not all webinars are recorded. Each instructor has the choice to allow us to record the session or not. Those that are recorded will be posted to the library no sooner than 45 days from the original air date. If you are interested in a topic, we encourage you to attend it live. If you cannot attend, email the Training Committee to find out if alternative arrangements can be made.

There are a couple of reasons you may not find a webinar on the IACA website. First, we have a 45 waiting period before we will post a webinar after it has been given to a live audience. Second, not all webinars are recorded for playback. This is because either the presenter did not give permission to have their presentation recorded or it was determined that the presentation material was best suited for a live (interactive) audience.

We routinely allow people to register up until the day before a webinar. First, check the IACA training area at to see if registration is still open for the webinar. If not, or if there is a wait list, send an email request for information to training@iaca.net.

Go ahead and register and then try to make payment as soon as possible. You will continue to receive reminder notices until payment is made. If you participate in any online training and fail to pay the appropriate fee, all future training opportunities will be suspended until payment has been made.

We do not issue refunds for missed webinars; however, you may be eligible for a webinar credit if the webinar will not be available for later viewing on the IACA website. Please email training@iaca.net with your request.

Yes. Those who participate in the live webinar will receive a certificate generated by GoToWebinar the next day. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to register under your own name. If you cannot attend the live session and the webinar is being recorded, email us at training@iaca.net and we’ll send you the recording along with a certificate of attendance. Note that not all webinars are recorded.

Because your membership is in a pending status, you must either wait until you become an active member or register with an email address different than what you used to apply to the IACA with. If you choose the latter option, send an email to training@iaca.net and hold off making payment until we are able to adjust your fee from the non-member rate to the member rate. Once the rate has been adjusted, we will send you a corrected invoice for payment.

Link to W9

i2 Analyst Notebook Basic Certification

  • Anyone may take the test at any time. You are not required to watch the webinars in advance, but they are there to help you prepare.
  • There is no cost to take the test.
  • The test consists of multiple choice and true/false questions plus several practical exercises.
  • You must achieve a score of 75 or better, out of a 100 possible points, to pass.
  • If you pass, you will be awarded a certificate issued jointly by the IACA and Total Intelligence Group.
  • You may take the test again if you fail, but we will not tell you which questions you miss(ed).
  • You will receive an email either way (pass/fail), but it may be several weeks depending on the number of test submissions we receive.
The i2 Series of training webinars was originally presented in 2020 by Total Intelligence Group and all 12 classes were recorded. The videos, each of which is roughly 1 hour long, can be viewed here. You must be an IACA member to access the webinar library. Class resources are provided under the respective class.

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