Awards 2017

Congratulations to all the award winners at the 2017 IACA conference in New Orleans, Louisiana!

2017 Membership Award
Alex Schneider
Burleson (TX) Police Department

2017 IACA Executive Board Award
Sheila Serfas
Royal Canadian Mounted Police

2017 Ambassador Award
Carolyn Cassidy
New England State Police Information Network (MA)

2017 President’s Award
Debra J. Piehl
New York City (NY) Police Department

2017 Innovations in Crime Analysis Award Sponsored by Steve Gottlieb and the Alpha Group Center for Crime and Intelligence Analysis Training
Garrett Knuth and Kyle McFatridge
Milwaukee (WI) Police Department

Tactical Crime Bulletin
1 – Mallory Hawkins – Monroe Crime Analysis Center
2 – Nicole Sousa / George Bauer, Las Vegas (NV) Metropolitan Police Department
3 – Katrina Hickman, Arlington (TX) Police Department

Crime/Intelligence Charting
1 – Scott Peacock – Walmart
2 – Megan Wleklinski – Milwaukee (WI) Police Department
3 – Gabriella Viramontes, Folsom (CA) Police Department

Crime Map
1 – Karen Brown – Ventura County (CA) Sheriff’s Department
2 – Dana Trotter-Kramer – Ventura County (CA) Sheriff’s Department
3 – Gabriella Viramontes – Folsom (CA) Police Department

Statistical Report
1 – Tess Sherman – Austin (TX) Police Department
2 – Devon Bracher – Cambridge (MA) Police Department
3 – Jaree Petranech – Milwaukee (WI) Police Department

Intelligence Product
1 – Leia Scime-Stickles – Onondaga Crime Analysis Center (NY)
2 – Samantha Diemer – Denver (CO) Police Department
3 – Dana Trotter-Kramer – Ventura County (CA) Sheriff’s Department

Awards & Recognition Committee
Danelle DiGiosio – Chair, Arapahoe County (CO) Sheriff’s Office
Bryana McGrail, Johnson County (KS) Sheriff’s Office
Jill Myers, Grand Prairie (TX) Police Department
Brandi Christon – IACA Board Liaison, Fort Collins (CO) Police Service

Judges for the 2017 Analytical Products Contest
Bel Pedroza – Texas Department of Public Safety
Mike Berndl – Uncharted Software, Geotime
Chanele R. Haynes – Albany (NY) Crime Analysis Center
Leonard Taylor – Maryland State Police
Danielle McMullan – Fairfax County (VA) Police Department
Melinda Harris – City of Chattanooga (TN)
Mindy Earle – Midland (TX) Police Department
Michelle Chitolie – Port St. Lucie (FL) Police Department
Beth Daniel – Wheat Ridge (CO) Police Department
Jeff Sharon – Weld County (CO) Sheriff’s Office

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