Certification Series 2022-06: Descriptive Statistics

June 09th, 2022

Course language: English

Difficulty Level: Anyone

Skill Sets Covered in this Session:

  • Skill Set 8-Descriptive Statistics


Come with me, and you’ll see a world of pure descriptive statistics! This session breaks down the most common stats used by analysts and teaches you tricks to remember how to create information from the data you have. Measures of central tendency, percentages, standard deviation, and percent change will be discussed. It may sound intimidating, but don’t worry. You’ll be reciting “new minus old divided by old” to yourself in your sleep before you know it (is that a good thing?). Come make statistics fun with us!

Please note that this series is not intended as a substitute for the IACA’s Essential Skills I and II courses or the recommended text. It is intended to be used as a supplemental resource to these items.


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Course Information:
What: Certification Series 2022-06: Descriptive Statistics
When: June 09th, 2022
How Much?
  • IACA Members: $10
  • Non-Members: $20
Course Type: Webinar
Course Times: 1000 EDT; 1 to 1 1/2 hrs
Instructor: Jennifer Zawitz
For more info contact:
Sabrina Potts
Email: training@iaca.net

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