CTS CrimeMap Pro

Published by on December 12, 2015

GST CrimeMap™ Pro from Crime Tech Solutions (CTS) is a comprehensive crime analysis system designed for specialized crime analysts to manage the incident database and conduct a variety of mapping and analytical tasks.
With full support for ESRI ArcMap, CrimeMap Pro has customizable search forms, ad hock reporting tools, spatial analytics, query builders, and database linkage.
Advanced crime analysis includes:
Cross-reference among incidents, subjects, Megan’s, parolee, and gang records.
Analysis of hotspots with various methodology, such as Grid Analysis, Intensity Analysis, Outer Boundary, and Analysis of Duplicate Locations.
Analysis of temporal patterns based on either Grid Analysis or Density Analysis.
Analysis of incident patterns with time series, based on year, month, or date.
Analysis of change in the spatial pattern of incidents over time and space.
Constructing spatial patterns of incidents with a connection based on a user-specified field.


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