Mission Statements

A mission statement describes the purpose and vision of an organization. It helps keep the organization focused on its goals by providing a roadmap for the employees. The same is true for a Crime Analysis Unit within a law enforcement agency. The CAU’s mission statement should be consistent with the goals of the whole organization to help guide the analysts to further the mission of the agency. The samples provided below are real mission statements from Crime Analysis Units. They are meant to be examples that can be drawn from to develop your own mission statement.

Knoxville (Tennessee) Police Department

The overall objective of the Knoxville Crime Analysis Unit is to obtain and analyze as much information as possible, in order to identify crime patterns, trends, offenders, and develop correlations, to improve short term and long term decision making, and the ability of the Department to manage, allocate, and deploy resources so that criminal activities can be stopped.

Parker (Colorado) Police Department

The mission of the Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) is to provide timely and accurate tactical, strategic, administrative and operational intelligence analysis of data relating to crime in support of the agency’s goals and community oriented policing efforts. The CAU is responsible for determining and monitoring criminal activity in the Town of Parker and communicating the information to Command Staff, Patrol, Investigations and other sections and units as needed for the suppression of criminal activities, aiding the investigative process and increasing apprehension of offenders.

San Bernardino County (California) Sheriff’s Office

The mission of the Law Enforcement Intelligence Network Center (LEINC) is to provide an integrated and multi-disciplinary network of information and intelligence sharing on all domestic and international terrorist threats. To identify evolving and emerging criminal activity to include patterns, series and trends of all hazards in a timely manner to law enforcement, fire, health, and private and public sector stakeholders in order to protect the residents, visitors and critical infrastructure of San Bernardino County.

Intelligence Unit

The mission of the Intelligence Unit is to collect, analyze and disseminate information related to:

  • Criminally involved individuals
  • Organized crime groups
  • Emerging criminal groups
  • Public disorder
  • Terrorist groups

The result of this effort is to provide informational, analytical and technical support to all member agencies of the Intelligence Unit.

Kirkland (Washington) Police Department

The mission of the Crime Analysis Unit is to provide timely and accurate information regarding criminal activity to the police department and surrounding agencies. This includes collecting and analyzing data and disseminating appropriate information to affected personnel and agencies in support of crime reduction and community safety.

Auto Theft Tactical Analysis Center of King County, Redmond Police Department, WA

To reduce the incidence of vehicle theft in the King County area by providing tactical crime analysis, investigative support, and timely information on prolific auto thieves to all affected law enforcement agencies.

Tempe (Arizona) Police Department

Mission: To support decision making through short-term, long-term, and regional data analysis.

Mesa (Arizona) Police Department

The Crime Analysis Unit will strive to provide accurate and quality information in a timely manner to meet the tactical, strategic and administrative needs of the Mesa Police Department.

Virginia Beach (Virginia) Police Department

The Crime Analysis Unit is a staff function within the Investigative Division designed to disseminate data relating to crime trends, identify suspects, and prepare reports for COMPSTAT meetings. Data is primarily generated from records and reports within the department. Additional data may be obtained from outside sources such as other law enforcement agencies, government agencies, and private organizations. The Crime Analysis Unit also supplies department staff and precinct/bureau commanders with additional specialized information and reports related to Crime Analysis.

Waterloo (Cambridge, ON) Regional Police Service

The Analytical Team is committed to a leading role in intelligence-led policing by collecting, collating, analyzing and disseminating integral products and information. We will provide the foundation for strategic and tactical policing to members of our service and community.

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