Exploring Crime Analysis

Exploring Crime AnalysisExploring Crime Analysis features 425 pages of research, knowledge, instruction, and advice from twenty of the foremost minds in the crime analysis field. Each covers an essential crime analysis skill or knowledge set, as defined by the IACA’s certification process.

Exploring Crime Analysis is focused on both tactical crime analysis and the tenets of analysis for problem-oriented policing.



Chapters and Excerpts

Front Matter: [ View Excerpt ]

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Crime Analysis [ View Excerpt ]

Chapter 2: Understanding the Criminal Justice System

Chapter 3: Understanding Criminal Behavior [ View Excerpt ]

Chapter 4: Practical Literature: What to Read and How to Read It

Chapter 5: Foundations of Critical Thinking

Chapter 6: Applied Research in Crime Analysis and Problem-Solving

Chapter 7: Data Integrity

Chapter 8: Qualitative Analysis [ View Excerpt ]

Chapter 9: Effective Presentations [ View Excerpt ]

Chapter 10: Interpreting Crime Data and Statistics

Chapter 11: Temporal Analysis [ View Excerpt ]

Chapter 12: Demographic Analysis

Chapter 13: Descriptive and Multivariate Statistics

Chapter 14: Inferential Statistics

Chapter 15: Crime Mapping

Chapter 16: Effective Crime Analysis Writing

Chapter 17: Crime Analysis Publications

Chapter 18: Spreadsheets

Chapter 19: Analytical Charting

Chapter 20: Working the Web: Using the Internet and Intranet Technology

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