FREE Phone Look-Up Tool and Other Resources for Analysts Working in Support of Investigations

Published by on October 28, 2019


At Hawk Analytics we are passionate about supporting the intel analyst community.  As such, we have created Support@Hawk – a FREE resource for anyone who works in support of investigations.  The support site focuses on resources for analysts who help in the mission of chasing phones. 

Get access to:

·       Free Phone Look-up Tool – Identify the service provide and possible subscriber of any phone number

·       Live and on-demand training webinars

·       Google Geofence Reverse Location Search Warrant Tool

·       Legal Process Templates – Preservation letter, search warrants, Google records…

·       Carrier Information – Find relevant documentation about carriers and their record formats

·       News & Events – Stay up-to-date with information related to chasing phones

·       Investigations Resources – Find instructional docs and other resources

and much more…

Register HERE to receive FREE access!

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