IACA 2021 Elections Season Timeline

Hello IACA Members!

Today, we kick off IACA Elections season. This year the open positions are for: 

  • President
  • Treasurer

Nominations are now open! To self-nominate, please review the duties and responsibilities of the position you are considering, understand the time commitment, and email the position you wish to run for to elections@iaca.net.

As per the May 2021 IACA Bylaws, the 2% of membership voting requirement has been removed. Now, membership will have the ability to rank the candidates in order of preference during only 1 voting phase, which will be open August 30 through October 1. Please review the updated Bylaws for additional changes and information.

Here is the schedule of election events:

July 1, 2021: Nomination submission opens

July 22, 2021: Nomination submission closes

July 23, 2021: Campaign statement and video deadline

July 26, 2021: Campaign statements and videos posted to the IACA Elections Forum

August 26, 2021: IACA Conference Annual Meeting and candidate meet and greets at conference (date subject to change)

August 30, 2021: Voting opens

October 1, 2021: Voting closes

October 8, 2021: Announce results via Announcements Forum

If interested in a position, review the duties and responsibilities, which are detailed in the IACA Bylaws:

The President has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • To preside at all IACA membership meetings and Executive Board meetings;
  • To present at each Annual Meeting an Annual Report of the activities of the IACA;
  • To prepare the agenda for Annual Meetings and Executive Board meetings;
  • To manage the goals, projects, and priorities of the association;
  • To nominate chairperson and members of all committees, temporary and permanent, except the Ethics Committee;
  • To exercise other powers and duties as may reasonably be construed as belonging to the Chief Executive of an organization.

The President is currently directly responsible for the following committees: Mentoring, Training, and Technology.

The Treasurer has the following duties and responsibilities:

  • To ensure the care and custody of all funds belonging to the association;
  • To deposit funds received through membership dues and other sources;
  • To distribute funds authorized by the members or by the Executive Board, consistent with the provisions outlined in Article V;
  • To provide to the membership, on a quarterly basis, a statement on the association’s current treasury balance;
  • To provide to the membership at the Annual meeting a detailed list of expenditures for the previous year;
  • To chair the Finance Committee, if formed under the provisions of Article VII;
  • To arrange for an independent audit of the accounts every three years, as a newly elected Treasurer takes office.

The Treasurer is currently directly responsible for the following committees: Logistics/Store Coordinator, Mail Assistant, and Finance Committee (if created).

Please don’t hesitate to send any questions or feedback to elections@iaca.net.

Thank you,

Elections Committee

-Amy Metcalf

-Mindy Duong

-Amy Warkentin

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