IACA Forum Discussion Guidelines


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the IACA Forum, please go to the Contact Us page and direct a message to the Technology Committee.

Forum Posting Guidelines

  1. You may post messages about upcoming training (whether it be for-profit or non-profit) to the training forum, but please only one message for each training.
  2. Corporate or vendor members may post one message about a product or service. Advertising messages should not exceed one per month per corporation.
  3. We encourage our vendor partners to participate in IACA Forum Discussions; however such participation should not be used as a pretext to promote or advertise the vendor’s fee-based products. Unless the member has specified otherwise (e.g. “No vendor replies”), the vendor representative is encouraged to relay specific fee-based product information off-forum and directly to the member.
  4. Please use a descriptive subject to help others understand the nature of your post. “Requesting Assistance with Gang Symbol Identification” is more effective than “Need Help” or “I have a question”.
  5. It is acceptable to relay posts on behalf of non-IACA members so long as you accept any replies the post may generate. For example, you may post jobs or relevant event announcements (conferences); however, you may not post a request for information where the replies are directed to a third party who is not an IACA member. If you post it and do not direct members to reply to someone else, it will be approved.
  6. Please do not submit messages where the sole content is a holiday greeting or similar general sentiment. Though well-intended and appreciated, these posts unnecessarily increase the post volume for thousands of recipients.
  7. Please do not submit messages that contain political views, religious views, or content that may be deemed inflammatory in nature. The moderation team may reject, remove, or request that the post be rephrased to comply with the guidelines.

Please keep in mind our Forum Moderators do their best to review pending posts, however, on occasion, inappropriate posts may be approved accidentally.  This is a reminder to all of our members that this is not a secure forum and many of our members are not affiliated with law enforcement. Please do not share confidential or sensitive information through the IACA Forum Discussions. If you need to disseminate such information, please use the member directory to identify recipients and contact them directly.

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