IACA Logos and Graphic Assets

Welcome to the logo and graphics download area.


The IACA logos and graphics files below are free for all IACA-related uses, subject to the following guidelines and use policies:

  • The logo and text should be used together, as defined below.
  • The typeface shall not be altered or replaced with another typeface.
  • The graphic asset shall not be altered or edited to remove existing content or to include additional content.
  • The proportions (aspect ratio) of the files shall be retained.
  • Whenever possible, utilize a colorized version over solid black or solid white

All graphic assets are the intellectual property of the International Association of Crime Analysts, Inc. (IACA). A limited-use license is granted subject to the policies on this page.

Acceptable External Use

  • Entities associated with the IACA or IACA-sponsored events are welcome to use the logos and graphcs below, as appropriate, to promote their events and/or describe their activities as they relate to the IACA.
  • It is also acceptable to grant permission to third parties, such as news organizations, to use the unaltered IACA graphics below for promotional purposes, subject to the guidelines listed on this page.

Prohibited Use

It is our policy that the IACA logo be used without modification and in an appropriate manner. Examples of prohibited use include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Any implication of endorsement by the IACA or its activities, absent a signed agreement;
  • Any misrepresentation or overstatement of the relationship between the entity and the IACA. For example, users are prohibited from promoting or implying a ‘partnership’ with the IACA unless a signed agreement is in place.
  • Commercial uses (for example, placement of the graphic asset on product packaging);
  • An individual’s use of the logo for purposes other than acknowledging membership or participation in our activities;
  • Altering the logo as to graphically combine it with another logo or image (conflation). Having the unaltered IACA logo present with other logos is acceptable so long as all logos are approximately the same size or proportion.

IACA Fonts

Click here to download the IACA fonts.

Download Logo Files

Whenever possible, please use a colorized version for your application. If you need assistance with the proper use of IACA logos, please email the IACA Website Administrator.

Full Color
Transparent Background

White w/ Orange Outline
Transparent Background

White & Orange
Transparent Background

Solid Black
Transparent Background

Solid White
Transparent Background

Full Color
White Background

Download Event Graphics

Click on the logos below to download them.


Full Color Dark
(Main Conference Logo)




Full Color Light



Full Color

Logo Color Values

The following color code values will help you format text and graphics in various programs to match the IACA logo. The Pantone colors below are the closest match to IACA colors.

Gray: Hex 3A3A3A, RGB 58-58-58

Orange: Hex EB8428, RGB 235-132-40

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