IACA Membership Award

The IACA Awards and Recognition Committee is now accepting nominations for the IACA Membership Award.

The Membership Award was created to honor ANY individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the field of crime and/or intelligence analysis in their unit, agency or community; or exceptional contributions to the IACA in particular.

Nominees may be from national, federal, state or local criminal justice agencies; may be legislators, members of academia or members of the private sector. Individuals nominated for this award DO NOT have to be IACA members and DO NOT have to be an analyst.

YOU, the members of the IACA, will be the deciding vote on the recipient of the award! This is a great way to recognize ANYBODY who has made great contributions to our profession and/or made our Association better and stronger by his or her efforts.

Minimum Award Criteria:

  • Within the past CALENDAR year (2021), the nominee has made a cumulative contribution to the IACA or to a unit, bureau, agency, or community through crime and/or intelligence analysis, OR
  • Within the past CALENDAR year (2021), the nominee has supported, improved, promoted, or facilitated the integration of crime or intelligence analysis into the daily operations of a criminal justice or law enforcement agency

Here are your Nominees. Vote for a fellow member.

Ami Hicks

Ami Hicks
Senior Crime Analyst
Murietta Police Department

On behalf of the Inland Empire Crime and Intelligence Analyst Association and the Murrieta Police Department, I would like to nominate Ami Hicks for the IACA Membership Award. Ami was an active IECIAA member since 2013 and stepped up to serve on the IECIAA board at the end of 2019. Ami served as the associations VP of Membership from 2020-2021. She had just completed her two year term at the end of 2021 when she agreed to stay on for another two years. Unfortunately, Ami was not able to complete her term. At 46 YOA, Ami passed away on Wednesday, January 26th after a hard fought battle that started on December 23rd, 2021. She leaves behind her loving husband of 18 years and two children.

Ami was born in Illinois and graduated from Lake Elsinore High School in 1993. She lived in Southwest Riverside County for the last 32 years and was part of the Murrieta Police family for the past 19 years. She was hired as a Police Dispatcher on October 12th, 2002. She excelled in every aspect of her job and as a Dispatcher, was routinely complimented for her exceptional skills by everyone she worked with. Ami’s uncanny knack for in-depth research made her an indispensable asset in criminal investigations and likely contributed to the closure of thousands of cases during her time here. Her ability to recall cases, wanted suspects and previous radio calls was a talent that was respected by all she worked with, including Officers, Detectives and her fellow Dispatchers.

Ami’s strengths led her to apply for the department’s first Crime Analyst position in 2016, a perfect fit for her. She continued to grow into one of the department’s most valuable employees. She played an invaluable role in the investigation of every major case the department received and was constantly helping officers and detectives on a daily basis with investigatory requests and research.

Ami’s work for the department and community was not necessarily known to the public and she liked it that way. One of her most notable roles was that of a founding member of the department’s social media team where she quietly excelled at the collateral duty with every post she made. Ami’s dedication to the residents of Murrieta and their safety was manifested in the hundreds of crime and public service posts she generated in an effort to make the city safe for its residents. Most Murrieta residents have likely read the department’s Weekly Roundup at some point or another but did not know that Ami was the creative author behind it. Every single week, Ami read through dozens of arrest reports and put together a narrative that so many of our residents enjoyed reading.

While Ami Hicks’ title was that of Senior Crime Analyst, in reality she was much more to the department. She was a multi-tasker, had a work ethic that was second to none and was extremely driven. Ami took on primary roles in the implementation of the department’s $1.2 million computer aided dispatch software. She worked tirelessly to assist Menifee PD in the establishment of their police department in July of 2020. Most recently, she led the department’s efforts to move to the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) for crime statistics. As one of the few departments in Southern California to reach this NIBRS goal, it could not have been accomplished if not for Ami.

With an abundance of admiration and profound respect for our dear friend Ami Hicks, who sadly passed away on January 26, 2022, the Chief and her partners on the social media team present to you The Weekly Roundup, written in her honor with a little bit of her style and a lot of our memories.

I truly admired Ami. I looked up to her when I started here a couple years ago but that admiration grew the more I got to know her, especially on the social media team. I could always ask her for help and if anyone ever had a question, it was always #AskAmi. That woman knew ALL the ins and outs about everything. Her cleverness and wit would always make me laugh, even #SnortLaugh, and I appreciated the guidance she gave me to help my career. Thankful to have had you as a coworker and friend. Your life was a blessing and your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure.”

#Gotoperson. That’s what Ami was. Starting off as a new social media team member, I quickly knew I had a lot to learn. #Newguyproblems. Ami was my go to person, as she could quickly make an image, along with text, for a post. During a critical incident, all I would have to do was call her. #Help. Ami was extremely busy all the time, but always dropped what she was doing to help me. #Haveaseat. I would spend an hour thinking of what to say on a post but Ami would help me and 5 minutes later it was written. Social media and being a Crime Analyst were her passions and she was excellent at them. Ami loved her job and it made us love ours even more. Thank you for always being so nice to me and for taking the time to help. You will never be forgotten Ami.

The #socialmedia team is an eclectic bunch. I was a late add to a team that was stacked with talent. None of them more talented then Ami, #SorryChief. Ami had a skill set built for social media. Between her memory and her research skills, very few things got by her. Ami was #SeldomSeen on social media but her impact was always felt. She never missed an opportunity to lighten everyone else’s workload. She could put together an informative post and have it up before most could comprehend the whole situation. Ami was instrumental in #MPD establishing the social media presence it has today. Her input will be missed for a long time.

A 17 year friendship that grew stronger during the last 6 years together on the social media team. Our first social media training class was in Covina. #wehadthebestlunch and they talked about the importance of the #selfie, so we took one. We had many late nights for the #gram bouncing ideas about the #9pmRoutine #HolidayPlaylists #NewYearsEvePosts #StPattysDay along with the #CallYourMomma and #ByrdHouse hashtags. Our holiday posts were the most fun to collaborate on. Ami was #LittleMissSmartypants and had the answers to EVERYTHING, she remembered every name and address and could put the pieces together quicker than anyone. She had the best sense of humor #WhoMe mixed with her sarcasm #Justalilbit and boy was she quick with getting that info out when we were all busy on the call #ItsAlreadyUp. I don’t think there is a busier group text than our social media thread. #ImMutingYouALL #JeezIGottaCatchUp. I am really going to miss our almost daily messages and texts. Thank you for the years of friendship and the memories we made. #CarpoolKaraoke #SweetCaroline #NothingGoodHappensAfterMidnight #LongBeach #DarnCanadians #Nashville #Uber #ChristmasCinnamonRolls #MissYouAlready. I promise to use your hashtag #RogerDoger for K9 Rogers first located suspect!

Start a social media team they said… #est2012 It’ll be fun they said… #meh Well our content was honestly pretty boring until Ami Hicks joined the team and took us to the #nextlevel. Ami was one of the team’s founding members and it was her unique style of sharing content with an engaging and humorous twist that propelled us to the eyes of over 140,000 followers today. #thankyouami She was solid as a rock and ALWAYS ready to help with whatever was needed, even on her off time. #sorryhicksfamily #thanksforlettingushaveher Ami did not work for the glory but was instead, fueled by the satisfaction of the people she helped and the problems she solved. #shewasagiver Ami was one of a kind #superstar and will leave a gaping hole in our hearts for a long time to come. #wemissyoufriend #gonebutneverforgotten

I met Ami 19 years ago and quickly learned how talented she was at everything she did. #dispatcher #crimeanalyst #advisortothechief As a cop, I loved that she had the best memory and recall of all of us. #encyclopediabrain She knew every arrestee in the city, who was up to no good and what they were wanted for. #DispatcherDetective Her work ethic and drive to fight crime was amazing #Kobeskills and she took it to the next level with social media. Ami had a theory, if we show the public who the criminals are in the #weeklyroundup, will the criminals stop coming to Murrieta? #21stcenturycrimefighting From our press releases, to our grants, to the weekly roundup… she authored them all #ErnestAmiHemingway and received an award for the roundup from #MelissaMelendez. But through it all, regardless of the talent and dedication to this city, her best attribute was #loyalty. To her family, her kids, this police department… she could have worked anywhere #CADrecruiters #privateindustry… but she stayed with us and will always be with us #inourhearts.
-Chief Tony Conrad

On behalf of the Murrieta Police Department’s Social Media Team, thank you Ami for being such a good partner and more importantly, a great friend. We miss you dearly and promise your legacy will never be forgotten. #restinpeace

Since Ami’s passing, the department has been touched by messages from all over their community and throughout Southern California. Ami’s sense of duty and dedication was reflected in every single thing she touched and in her relationships with others. Ami always put the needs of others ahead of her own and took personal satisfaction from doing a good job and helping other people. She had a reputation of reliability and was always willing to help someone in need.
Ami was one of the most valuable members of this organization; she made this community safer and upheld the mission of the police department every day. Most importantly, she was a wonderful mother, wife and friend. She will leave a giant hole in our hearts for many years to come. Chief Tony Conrod

Thank you for your consideration,
Amy Varela-Redlands PD Crime Analyst & IECIAA Chapter President

To prevent any conflict of interest, all persons holding an IACA Executive Board or Awards and Recognition Committee position are ineligible to receive an award.

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