IACA Membership Award

The IACA Awards and Recognition Committee is now accepting nominations for the IACA Membership Award.

The Membership Award was created to honor ANY individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the field of crime and/or intelligence analysis in their unit, agency or community; or exceptional contributions to the IACA in particular.

Nominees may be from national, federal, state or local criminal justice agencies; may be legislators, members of academia or members of the private sector. Individuals nominated for this award DO NOT have to be IACA members and DO NOT have to be an analyst.

YOU, the members of the IACA, will be the deciding vote on the recipient of the award! This is a great way to recognize ANYBODY who has made great contributions to our profession and/or made our Association better and stronger by his or her efforts.

Minimum Award Criteria:

  • Within the past CALENDAR year (2020), the nominee has made a cumulative contribution to the IACA or to a unit, bureau, agency, or community through crime and/or intelligence analysis, OR
  • Within the past CALENDAR year (2020), the nominee has supported, improved, promoted, or facilitated the integration of crime or intelligence analysis into the daily operations of a criminal justice or law enforcement agency


Here are your Nominees. Vote for a fellow member.

Lisa Marie Morissette

Lisa Marie Morissette
Supervising Crime Analyst
Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department

Supervising Crime Analyst (SCA) Lisa Marie Morissette is an outstanding leader in the crime and intelligence analysis profession.  This nomination is to recognize the exemplary level of work performed by SCA Morissette, particularly involving her leadership in developing the crime analysts’ assignments at the new Sheriff’s Information Bureau, 24-Hour Operations Center (SIB-OC).  The mission of the 24-Hour Operations Center is to provide immediate support services for planned and evolving evens within the operational area through situational awareness, communication, resource coordination countywide and crime analysis.

In 2020, SCA Morissette faced continual changes that stemmed from an in-house Department reorganization, the unprecedented challenges of a pandemic,  the protests and civil unrest stemming from the death of George Floyd, deputy-involved shootings, the presidential election and the launching of the Department’s new 24/7 Operations Center.  As part of her supervisorial duties, she supervised analysts assigned to the SIB-OC and defined their roles and work duties.  SCA Morissette worked on creating the Crime Analyst Duty Statement and SIB-OC Operations Manual.  She focused on the identification and assessment of unfolding events, emerging threats and/or criminal activity to provide situational awareness, and she defined the processes and workflows to maximize timely information sharing and minimize duplication of effort.  She developed the 24/7 analyst work schedules, overtime work protocols and voluntary lists to ensure appropriate coverage on each shift.  Additionally, SCA Morissette created logs, analyst instruction sheets and email groups to ensure standardization and timeliness of information.  She provided input on the Daily Tactical Brief, and she was instrumental in providing the analysts with access to Radio Over IP, in order to monitor radio traffic.  SCA Morissette assessed software programs and identified pertinent training to enhance the skillset of the SIB-OC analysts.  She also coordinated with the SIB-OC and bureaus to fill investigative gaps by supporting investigators and specialized units on a countywide level.  With any new facility, there are continual changes and fluid processes, and SCA Morissette’s strong leadership skills, in-depth knowledge of crime analysis and her tireless efforts resulted in the integral role the analysts play at the Operations Center.

SIB-OC Sergeant Oscar A. Martinez stated, “Ms. Morissette was committed to producing work that met high standards.  She was always looking to improve the quality of her product and often reached out to team members in different shifts for advice and guidance.  She frequently went above and beyond in her efforts to ensure consistency in our crime analysis strategies and coverage.  Ms. Morissette used SIB’s feedback to enhance her work.  Ms. Morissette’s supervisorial and analytical skillset, knowledge, and expertise was a great asset to the team.”

In addition to launching this all-consuming new 24/7 Center, she supervised Homicide Bureau analysts and maintained her collateral duties.  She also honed her skills in analytical tools to better assist the analysts.  As a supervisor, SCA Morissette is quick to highlight analytical successes and is always concerned for the well-being of the analysts.  She ensures the analysts under her supervision work as a team, have the necessary tools to do the job and are in a positive work environment.  She possesses innate leadership qualities that inspire others.  She has a keen ability to plan ahead on the tasks at hand, considering back-up plans when working on special projects or routine work duties, and she takes on challenges head on. 


SCA Morissette is a consummate Supervising Crime Analyst who brings her years of experience as a dispatcher and crime analyst and readily shares her knowledge with others.  She is also the President of the Southern California Crime and Intelligence Analysts’ Association and a California Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association Representative.  It is for the reasons mentioned above, that I nominate Lisa Marie Morissette for the 2020 IACA Membership Award

Daniella Mohammed

Daniella Mohammed
Crime Analyst
Trinidad and Tobago Police Service

Daniella Mohammed is a Crime Analyst at the Crime and Problem Analysis (CAPA) Branch of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS). She has been servicing the Port-of-Spain Division of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) as a Crime Analyst for many years. As a Manager at the Criminal Investigation Department / Criminal Records Office (CID/CRO) in the Port-of-Spain Division, Daniella has lent yeoman service to our Department in the provision of her crime and intelligence analysis products. During the year 2020, Daniella fully participated in every Compstat Meeting held in the Port-of-Spain Division. She prepared all the presentations and delivered same with adequate and appropriate recommendations. She carried out analysis of each of the 5 station districts in the Port-of-Spain Division and together with her assistant Ms. April Humphrey, they produced bulletins tailored for each of the 5 station districts for distribution to the burgesses in the Port-of-Spain Division, which was intended to make them aware of the crime affecting their communities, action they can take to assist the police and to prevent them from being victimised . Daniella and her team is continuously developing new and innovative ways to analyze crime and to design products which are more user-friendly, from which many officers who are not acquainted with crime analysis have learnt and benefitted. For Carnival 2020, the largest and most celebrated festival in Trinidad and Tobago, Daniella produced a Booklet with pertinent information for distribution to officers on routines exercises, patrols and roadblocks. This booklet contained information on the relocated taxi stands, images of soft target areas, known offenders, muster points, ingress and egress points and the band routes. This booklet was critical to the operations of the CID/CRO and facilitated intelligence-led operations. It was in this year also, Daniella prepared a booklet of known offenders which provided patrol officers with information of known offenders together with their photos. This was particularly successful as we were able to target these prolific offenders in an effort to reduce crime and violence. In fact, it is Daniella’s hard work that saw the Port-of-Spain Division at the end of 2020 recording its lowest frequency of violent crime in a decade and which also allowed us at the CID/CRO to transform the strategic priorities of the organization into operational realities.

Jakob Lindergaard-Bentzen

Jakob Lindergaard-Bentzen
Programme Manager ILP project
Danish National Police

Jakob was working hard the last years to establish and implement high professional crime analysis not only in his country. He is permanently in collaboration with the best worldwide experts getting their knowledge and expertise for spreading it out to his analysts network.

Since over four years he’s also organizing the Danish ILP project, including the International Crime Analysis Conference Copenhagen with attendees from all over the world. Due to the Covid situation this year he was collaborating with the IACA to hold the conference virtual. This was the best virtual event ever with outstanding speakers and around 500 attendees. It was also a great way to promote the IACA and the collaboration will continue in the future.

Nate Bradley

Nate Bradley
Missouri State Highway Patrol

Nate Bradley is one of those far-too-few sworn officers that gets the importance of Crime and Intelligence Analysis. In his role focusing on motor vehicle related crimes, he has continually promoted the importance of analysts and data sharing in police work. Nate is an active participant of the area Mo/Kan Auto Theft Group and has lobbied for the creation of an auto crimes task force for years. He actively works with our regional association, MARCAN, to provide training to analysts & sworn personnel on identifying and tracking known offenders. I would consider him an expert in identifying cloned VINs & he is the first person we call when we have cases where multiple motor vehicles and/or trailers are recovered. Though Nate is with MSHP, he is always willing to help agencies on the KS side too and truly helps bridge the gap, showing how powerful good analysis is in connecting and solving crimes.

Amanda Schulte

Amanda Schulte
Crime Analyst
Johnson County (KS) Sheriff’s Office

I’m nominating crime analyst Amanda Schulte from the Johnson County (KS) Sheriff’s Office for her work in solving a 17-year-old cold case homicide of David “Ray” Ninemire in Westwood, KS. Ninemire was shot on August 15, 2003 during an attempted robbery at the Apple Market grocery store where he was working. Ninemire, 68 years old at the time of his death, left four children and ten grandchildren.

Although the case remained active for 17 years, in July 2018, Amanda and the other members of the Johnson County Cold Case Supervision and Management Team implemented a fresh approach towards the case. Their works ultimately led to developing a suspect and charges of first degree murder being filed. After 17 years, the cold case detectives and Amanda helped bring justice and closure for the Ninemire family.

Westwood’s police chief Greg O’Halloran noted that Amanda was instrumental in putting all the pieces of the homicide together to solve the case. The case consisted of work from over 10 law enforcement agencies, 280 interviews and 540 reports. The final case file submitted to the District Attorney was over 3,800 pages long. Amanda categorized, organized and structured the enormous case file in an easily retrievable, logical way.

Amanda was vested in the case giving her professional and sometimes her personal time. One of Amanda’s co-workers stated “It is difficult to articulate Amanda’s value to the Sherriff’s Office and all the investigators who rely on her expertise. Her work ethic, pleasant personality, professionalism and dedication are exceptional. As an organization, we are grateful to have professionals like Amanda striving for the better good.”

Amanda was the recipient of the Bronze Award by the Kansas City Metropolitan Chiefs and Sheriffs Association in November 2020 for her efforts in this case.

To prevent any conflict of interest, all persons holding an IACA Executive Board or Awards and Recognition Committee position are ineligible to receive an award.

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