Jessica LeBlanc

With nearly two decades of public safety data analysis experience, through much trial and tribulation, Jessica has honed her skills in communicating, answering questions and solving problems. She earned a BS degree in psychology and promptly enrolled in a criminology graduate program to fulfill her dream of becoming Clarice Starling. With coursework complete, thesis looming and the realization that Clarice was never going to get over the lambs, she opted for the more sheltered desk job route. She began her career as an analyst in the Exploited Child Division at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children where she processed CyberTip reports, analyzing images and digging up offenders. This is where she learned to speak “police” because, once she nailed down an offender’s location, she had to persuade law enforcement to take the case.

By 2004, she was proficient enough in “police” to join the Fairfax County Police Department (VA) as a crime analyst. There she worked in the Patrol and Operations Support Bureaus, gaining full “police” fluency, and became a translator in this language for both police and civilians. While with the Patrol Division she crunched numbers, conducted tactical crime series analysis, created and organized demonstrative evidence and made pretty PowerPoint presentations, chock full of colorful charts and maps, for commanders to present to the public and command staff. While with the Operations Support Bureau, she supported both the Special Operations and Traffic Divisions. She crunched numbers, developed data collection and reporting tools for their special data, conducted threat assessments, analyzed crash trends, contributed to education campaigns and policy change and made pretty PowerPoint presentations, chock full of colorful charts and maps, for commanders to present to the public and command staff.

In 2018, she embarked on a new journey and began serving in a new public safety support role with the Fairfax County Fire & Rescue Department. As their Operations Data Analyst, she crunches numbers, conducts AVL analysis, unit workload evaluations, station location suitability and much more. She is also responsible for building both static and interactive reports on BI and GIS platforms which allow end users to easily access and drill down call volume, call processing time and unit demand to monitor departmental efficiencies and evaluate areas for improvement. No pretty PowerPoint presentations yet, but give it time.

In her spare time, she has volunteered on several IACA committees and served on the Executive Board of the Virginia Crime Analysis Network from 2007 to 2016. She enjoys teaching for both organizations (because taking a “mom break” is extremely appealing). Her “likes” include details, Halloween mug shots, Lt. Joe Kenda and Alt+Enter in Excel. Her “dislikes” include a blank page two (details, people!), alarm clocks and the question “Have you tried restarting?”

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