Salina Ho

Salina HO has been a Crime Analyst with the Surrey Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) since 2017. She is currently in the Frontline/Proactive Policing portfolio, where she created an analytical dashboard for Frontline briefings, and a proactive enforcement activities dashboard for Duty Officers and Watch Commanders to monitor the proactive activities conducted by Frontline members. She also has experience working investigational files with Surrey RCMP’s General Investigation Unit, Serious Crime Unit, and Special Victims Unit. In 2018, Salina was a finalist for the Municipal Employee of the Year award presented by the Surrey Board of Trade.

Prior to her role as a Crime Analyst, Salina worked as a Corporate Research Analyst for a public company where she was the lead in multiple research projects within the organization. During her time there, she worked with various internal stakeholders to identify their business needs and designed the data pipeline integrating various sources of organizational data into analytical dashboards presented in the software Tableau. In 2019, Salina gave a presentation on “Storytelling with Dashboard” at the IACA Symposium in Calgary, and on “Analytical Workflow Design” at the IACA Annual Training Conference in Washington, D.C.

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