Crime Analyst

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(Job id: 43094)

The Milwaukee Police Department is hiring Tactical Crime Analysts to assist in Criminal Investigations, researching and monitoring crime trends, conducting data analysis, and utilize spatial analysis to reduce crime.

The essential functions include:

– Produce information related to crime trends to assist the department in preventing and suppressing criminal activities, to aid the investigative process, to increase the apprehension of offenders and to clear cases.
– Utilize data to make recommendations on staff deployment and resource allocation.
– Maintain, prepare, and present statistical and analytical reports detailing results of analyses, conclusions, and recommendations for department commanders.
– Collect, analyze and interpret data received from various departmental units and other law enforcement agencies.
– Measure and forecast long-term public safety activity related to problem solving, intervention, and crime reduction efforts.

Job Information
Company: Milwaukee Police Department
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin. United States

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