Crime Analyst

Grande Prairie, Alberta

(Job id: 36972)

As a Crime Analyst you will be responsible for:

1. Determining, designing and developing data collection strategies, techniques and methods used in the intelligence process by researching, evaluating, interpreting, and analyzing information to identify criminal trends and patterns and to develop tactical, operational and strategic intelligence products.

2. Identifying and/or illustrating associations, criminal trends, patterns, series and behaviours and locating intelligence gaps to influence and guide in setting operational priorities, resource allocation and direction to the investigation team leaders and management and contribute to the implementation of crime reduction strategies.

3. Providing expert advice on complex criminal investigations, assessing intelligence and providing tactical, operational and strategic analysis for judicial purposes, including providing expert witness testimony in court.

4. Establishing a network of internal and external contacts in identifying

Job Information
Company: City of Grande Prairie - RCMP Department
Location: Grande Prairie, Alberta. Canada

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