Intelligence Analyst

Kansas City, Missouri

(Job id: 40951)

At KCPD, the role of the CGIC Analyst I is to evaluate and analyze confirmed or unconfirmed NIBIN lead data to produce tactical and operational intelligence products in an effort to initiate and support intelligence-led investigations. The CGIC Analyst I will analyze the cases/incidents involved to exploit any other linkages between the cases/incidents. Comprehensive and timely analysis of the incidents and subjects involved in the NIBIN lead will be documented and disseminated to the appropriate case detectives for follow-up. The primary responsibilities of the CGIC Analyst I rely heavily on providing real-time actionable intelligence in the form of analytical products. This is a grant funded position.

Applicants who are interested in being considered for the position must submit a cover letter and resume outlining how they are qualified for this position and a resume to the

Job Information
Company: Kansas City Police Department
Location: Kansas City, Missouri. United States

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