Member – Advanced Analytical Methods Using Microsoft Office – Oct 2021



Course Language: English

Microsoft Office Suite has remained the go to set of tools for most police agencies.  Most in the analyst community are familiar with the tools in some form or fashion.  This 12-week course offers an advanced study of Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and general statistics.  Learn to build your own clean Access databases, create charts, maps, and timelines in Excel, record videos in PowerPoint, and create bolder bulletins in Word.  Statistics used daily by analysts will be simplified and enhanced with formulas in Excel.  Use the tools you already have at your disposal before begging for more budget!

This is an advanced course.  Students must already have a working knowledge of Excel (PivotTables and basic formula knowledge are a must), PowerPoint, and Word.  Some Access and statistical knowledge is a plus.

The instructor will be using Microsoft Office 365, but students are recommended to have Office 2016 or later, though some variations are to be expected.  Students are welcome to join regardless of their Office version as long as they are able to make the minor adjustments that come with older versions.

Impress your bosses and wow your coworkers with your Microsoft magic!

Students should expect a time commitment of 3-5 hours per week to gain a pass grade. This course will be graded as a pass/fail. This is not a self-paced course; we will advance as a group. Students can login anytime to work as needed. We will use a variety of ways to allow for student participation and interaction.

Invitations to the learning platform will be sent the weekend before class starts.


  • Access (3 weeks)
    • Building Your Access Database
      • Includes Table Creation, Relational Data, Joining Tables, and Creating Forms
    • Fixing Issues with the Database, Adding Items, and Querying Your Data
      • Includes Fixing Corrupted Data, Querying, and Aggregating
    • Database Communication and Linking Information
      • Includes Report Writing, Exporting/Importing/Linking Data, and Automating Reports
  • Excel (3 weeks)
    • Excel Analysis
      • Includes Importing Access Data, Power Query, Pivot Tables (Charts), and Slicers
    • Formulas in Excel
      • Includes If Statements, Timelines, and Formulas (not statistics – see below)
    • Simplifying Your Analysis – VLOOKUP, Conditional Formatting, and Macros
  • PowerPoint (1 week)
    • Advanced PowerPoint
      • Includes Animation, Master Slide List, Embedding/Linking Data, and Recording Video
  • Word (1 week)
    • Word
      • Better Bulletins and Reports with Columns, Text Boxes, Tables, and Embedding/Linking Data
  • Data/Stats (1 week)
      • Includes discussion of types of data, data collection, statistics by hand, and statistics in Excel
  • Microsoft Extras (1 week)
      • Includes Outlook, Excel Power Maps, and Creating Bulletins in Publisher
  • Final Project (2 weeks)

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