Member – Certification Series 2022-3: Criminal Behavior (Skill Set 3) and Organized Crime (Skill Set 19)




Course language: English

Difficulty Level: Anyone

What are people thinking? That’s what we’ll discuss in this session on offenders and their really bad choices. The crime triangle is covered, along with the sociological/geographic theories of why crime occurs. Reasons for offending including mental health, substance abuse, psychopathy are also discussed. Finally, we will work through the differences between street-level crime, criminal networks, terrorism, and gang-crime. You will come away with a better understanding of how offenders work individually and within the larger structure of criminal organizations.

**Please note that this series is not intended as a substitute for the Essential Skills 1 and 2 courses through IACA or for the recommended text. It is intended to be used as a supplemental resource to these items.**

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