Non-Member – Certification Series 2022-10: GIS and Crime Mapping (Skill Set 14) and Spatial Analysis and Forecasting (Skill Set 15)




Course language: English

Difficulty Level: Anyone

Last session examined crime through the lens of time. This session looks at crime as a function of location. We will cover creating maps with GIS to display raw data, as well as hot spot analysis and spatial distribution. Maps showing several ways to demonstrate the same data will be shown, and we will discuss which map is the most effective in conveying your message. Forecasting and modeling will continue to be discussed. Round out your study guide on crime patterns with this session.

**Please note that this series is not intended as a substitute for the Essential Skills 1 and 2 courses through IACA or for the recommended text. It is intended to be used as a supplemental resource to these items.**

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