Non-Member – Webinar: Virtual Briefing: Creating a Weekly Crime Analysis Update Video




Most Law Enforcement agencies hold their version of “briefing” or “roll call”, several times a day, primarily at the beginning of each shift. They are designed to give supervisors an opportunity to take attendance, inspect uniforms and equipment, inform officers of recent outstanding incidents, and suspects to be looking out for, and relate any legal or procedural changes. Some agencies can have 3 or more briefings a day.

While it is optimally beneficial for the Crime Analyst to attend these briefings both to relay information on any series, patterns or trends they have found, and to gather information relating to incidents from officers, practically speaking, it can be impossible.

In this class, we will explore the Fullerton Police Department’s Weekly Crime Analysis Update Video which we have been producing since February of 2016. You will learn how to create a briefing video using Movie Maker, which is free software offered by Microsoft, and Camtasia 9, a very affordable software which boasts a Law Enforcement discount. You will also learn the elements that go into a comprehensive Crime Analysis Update Video from creating your own introduction, to the different modules of information to include, to your closing. These videos can be used to get many different types of information out to patrol. The Fullerton Police Department uses it for crime series, hot spots, parole release, prolific offender release, violent offender release, parolees at large, and the occasional training reminder.

The videos, once produced, are placed on the share drive and a link is emailed out to the entire department. Supervisors in charge of briefing are responsible for playing the video in briefing, but because the link is emailed out to everyone as well, each individual is responsible for being aware of the information disseminated in the video.

We have found that this is the best way for Crime Analysis to communicate with patrol on a regular basis.


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