Rapid-Fire Conference 2021

The Event

On Thursday, 22nd April 2021, we are holding the first Rapid-Fire Conference on Behavioural Science In Policing. Confirmed speakers include Professors Gabrielle Salfati, Jane Monckton-Smith and Jason Roach, Drs Patrick Tidmarsh and Laura Hammond and some very experienced and specialised practitioners. The speakers are based in the UK, US and Australia, at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, as well as universities from the UK and Australia.

Each talk is a 10-minute training session, aimed at teaching how to apply behavioural science to policing. The conference delegates will mainly be law enforcement practitioners, who have an avid interest in policing research, science, criminology, psychology and other related areas:

The conference training sessions cover the following:

    • Where to find the evidence in sexual offence cases
    • How to deal with people in crisis as a 1st responder
    • How to recognise the 8 stages to domestic homicide
    • How to use behavioural science in crime analysis
    • How to prevent crime using the psychology of influence
    • How to use geographic profiling to advance investigations
    • How to link the right crimes together to have more pieces to the puzzle
    • How to handle stress when working in the police
    • Why victims of domestic abuse don’t leave their partner and how to help them

The talks are therefore of high relevance to detectives, analysts, investigators, interviewers, those working in domestic abuse, and response officers.

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