VideoCleaner – Video Enhancement and Tamper Detection Software

Published by Marc Robinson AVFA, EET on September 23, 2019


VideoCleaner is FREE forensic video enhancement and tamper detection software created for law enforcement, and now available to everyone. Use any Windows computer to process digital images and nearly any compressed video, including some proprietary formats, and VdeoCleaner includes a screen capture tool for everything else. Advanced compression algorithms support best evidence at minimal file sizes.

Adjust a few real-time sliders to brighten poorly lit scenes, improve facial clarity, recover license plates, change viewing perspective, reverse lens distortion, stabilize camera motion, and so much more. Faint movements (e.g. weapon or person), distant color changes (e.g. fire origin or traffic signal), and small details become obvious. VideoCleaner is a labor of passion intended for the sole purpose of determining the truth, regardless of one’s financial status. Everything is free, including lifetime support and updates. If you appreciate the software, please share your opinions to help others to discover it too.


Due to the powerful, yet limited, features of industry software, I created custom software with the help of programmers from around the world. In 2012, after adding new filters to benefit the LAPD, I added a simple user interface and shared my work publicly. Within a few years VideoCleaner became an industry standard, relied upon by law enforcement and analysts worldwide.

Today, VideoCleaner is the world’s most relied upon forensic video enhancement and authentication software. Its acceptance by the forensic community and courts comes from established science, open source code, constant peer review, and reproducible results.

VideoCleaner is committed to transparency. Source code for each component is included with the VideoCleaner installation, as their individual download files, collectively located within the file “C:\VideoCleaner\Support\Complete plugin zip folder.7z”. These download files are exactly as provided by their respective programmers with that author’s DLLs, usage instructions, open source GPL, and source code. You can verify these filters through an on-line web search or by following the links in the VideoCleaner user’s manual. Furthermore, the supporting VideoCleaner scripts and batch code are open for your review, and include note fields crediting the subscript’s respective author.

VideoCleaner is maintained by Doug Carner of Forensic Protection with development concepts provided by Marc Robinson of Authentic Forensics and Allen Combs of Combs Forensics.

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